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grites is the plural form of grit.
1. gravilla (f) (gravel)
2. coraje (m) (courage, determination)
  • to have a lot of grit tener mucho coraje
verbo transitivo (pt & pp gritted)
3. (put grit on)
  • to grit a road echar gravilla en una carretera (británico)
4. (clench)
  • to grit one's teeth apretar los dientes
grit [ɡrɪt]
1 (gravel) grava (f); (for caged birds, poultry) arenilla (f) silícea; arena (f); (dust) polvo (m)
2 (courage) valor (m); ánimo (m); (firmness of character) firmeza (f); (endurance) aguante (m)
3 grits (US) (Cookery) sémola (f)
transitive verb
1 [+road] echar grava a
to grit one's teeth apretar los dientes
grites is the present form of gritar in the second person singular - View Conjugation
intransitive verb
1. to shout (hablar alto) ; to scream (chillar)
  • no grites tanto, habla más bajo don't shout so much, lower your voice a bit
  • gritó de dolor he screamed in pain
transitive verb
2. (en voz alta)
  • gritar algo a alguien to shout something at somebody
3. to shout o yell at (reñir)
  • ¡no me grites! don't shout o yell at me!
intransitive verb
1 (dar voces) to shout
¡no grites! don't shout!; no sabes hablar sin gritar you can't talk without shouting; no me grites, que no estoy sorda don't shout, I'm not deaf; ¡no le grites a tu madre! don't shout at your mother!; gritaba de alegría he shouted for joy
2 (chillar) to scream
el enfermo no podía dejar de gritar the patient couldn't stop screaming; gritaba de dolor he was screaming with pain
3 (abuchear) to jeer
el público gritaba al árbitro the crowd were jeering the referee
transitive verb
[+instrucciones, órdenes] to shout
le gritaron que callara they shouted at him to be quiet
Verb Conjugations for gritar
Gerund: gritando
Participle: gritado
View complete conjugation for gritar
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