intransitive verb
1. (to talk very loudly) 
a. to shout 
Hay alguien gritando en la calle.There's someone shouting in the street.
b. to yell 
No voy a responder si estás gritando.I am not going to reply if you are yelling.
c. to scream 
No me gusta ir a los partidos de fútbol porque hay tanta gente gritando.I don't like to go to soccer games because there are so many people screaming.
transitive verb
2. (to say very loudly) 
a. to shout 
El entrenador gritó las jugadas a su equipo.The coach shouted the plays to his team.
b. to yell 
Las animadoras gritaron el lema de la escuela.The cheerleaders yelled the school motto.
3. (colloquial) (to scold) 
Por favor no me grites en frente de mis amigos, mamá.Please don't yell at me in front of my friends, mom.
intransitive verb
1. (hablar alto) 
a. to shout 
2. (chillar) 
a. to scream 
no grites tanto, habla más bajodon't shout so much, lower your voice a bit
gritó de dolorhe screamed in pain
transitive verb
3. (en voz alta) 
a. no direct translation 
gritar algo a alguiento shout something at somebody
4. (reñir) 
a. to shout o yell at 
¡no me grites!don't shout o yell at me!
intransitive verb
1 (dar voces) to shout
¡no grites! don't shout!; no sabes hablar sin gritar you can't talk without shouting; no me grites, que no estoy sorda don't shout, I'm not deaf; ¡no le grites a tu madre! don't shout at your mother!; gritaba de alegría he shouted for joy
2 (chillar) to scream
el enfermo no podía dejar de gritar the patient couldn't stop screaming; gritaba de dolor he was screaming with pain
3 (abuchear) to jeer
el público gritaba al árbitro the crowd were jeering the referee
transitive verb
[+instrucciones, órdenes] to shout
le gritaron que callara they shouted at him to be quiet
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no gritar
not to shout
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