"gritar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to shout (hablar alto) ; to scream (chillar)
  • no grites tanto, habla más bajo -> don't shout so much, lower your voice a bit
  • gritó de dolor -> he screamed in pain
transitive verb
2. (en voz alta)
  • gritar algo a alguien -> to shout something at somebody
3. to shout o yell at (reñir)
  • ¡no me grites! -> don't shout o yell at me!

gritar [gre-tar’]
verb neuter
1. To exclaim, to cry out, to clamor, to clatter, to halloo, to shout, to hoot. (n)
2. To talk very loud. (n)
3. To bawl. (n)
4. To shriek. (n)

1 (dar voces) to shout
¡no grites! don't shout!; no sabes hablar sin gritar you can't talk without shouting; no me grites, que no estoy sorda don't shout, I'm not deaf; ¡no le grites a tu madre! don't shout at your mother!; gritaba de alegría he shouted for joy
2 (chillar) to scream
el enfermo no podía dejar de gritar the patient couldn't stop screaming; gritaba de dolor he was screaming with pain
3 (abuchear) to jeer
el público gritaba al árbitro the crowd were jeering the referee
[+instrucciones, órdenes] to shout
le gritaron que callara they shouted at him to be quiet

Verb Conjugations for "gritar" (go to to shout)


yo grito grité gritaba gritaría gritaré
gritas gritaste gritabas gritarías gritarás
él/ella/Ud. grita gritó gritaba gritaría gritará
nosotros gritamos gritamos gritábamos gritaríamos gritaremos
vosotros gritáis gritasteis gritabais gritaríais gritaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. gritan gritaron gritaban gritarían gritarán
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