feminine noun
1. (disturbance) 
a. uproar 
Se hizo una grita en la reunión de vecinos cuando anunciaron los cambios.There was an uproar at the neighbor's meeting when they talked about the changes.
b. hubbub 
La grita de la ciudad se escuchaba a lo lejos.The hubbub of the city could be heard in the distance.
2. (boo) 
a. catcalls 
La grita al final de la obra fue vergonzosa.The catcalls at the end of the play were embarrassing.
(jaleo) uproar; hubbub; (gritos) shouting; (Teat) catcalls
; (p)
catcalling; booing
dar grita a algn/algo to boo at sb/sth
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le grita
shouts at him, shouts at her
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