masculine noun
1. tap (llave) (peninsular SpanishBr), faucet (United States)
  • grifo monomando -> mixer tap
2. petrol station (gasolinera) (PerÚ British), gas station (United States)

grifo [gree’-fo]
1. Griffin or griffon, a fabled animal. (m)
2. The child of a negro and an Indian. (America) (m)
  • Grifos -> frizzled hair
3. Tap, faucet. (m)
  • Cerveza al grifo -> draught beer

1 [de agua] tap; faucet; (EEUU) (a presión) cock
agua del grifo tap water; cerveza (servida) al grifo draught o draft beer; (EEUU)
cerrar el grifo to turn off the tap; cut off the funds
2 (Latinoamérica) (surtidor de gasolina) petrol pump; gas pump; (EEUU) (And) (gasolinera) petrol station; gas station; (EEUU) (bar) dive (familiar);
3 (S. Cone) [de incendios] fire hydrant
grifoa grifa
estar grifo (México) (borracho) to be plastered (familiar); be soused (familiar); (EEUU) (loco) to be nuts (familiar); (drogado) to be high (familiar); be doped up (familiar)
2 (And) (engreído) snobbish; stuck-up (familiar)
1 [de drogas] (fumador) dope smoker (familiar); (adicto) dope addict (familiar)
2 (borracho) drunkard
grifoa grifa
1 [+pelo] curly; kinky
2 (Caribe) [+persona] black
(Caribe) black man/woman; black person
(Mitología) griffin

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