feminine noun
1. seriousness (cualidad de grave)
2. gravity (physics)

gravedad [grah-vay-dahd’]
1. Gravity, weight, heaviness. (f)
2. Gravity, modesty, composure, circumspection. (f)
3. Graveness, seriousness, sobriety of behavior, importance; severity (severidad). (f)
4. Gravity, enormity, atrociousness. (f)
5. Vanity, pride (grandeza). (f)
6. Seriousness, dignity (dignidad). (f)
  • Estar herido de gravedad -> to be severely injured
Estar de gravedad, to be seriously ill.

1 (Física) gravity
gravedad nula zero gravity
2 (Med) seriousness
estar enfermo de gravedad to be seriously ill
estar herido de gravedad
el herido evoluciona favorablemente, dentro de la gravedad the patient is progressing well, but his condition remains serious; parece que la lesión es de poca gravedad it seems that the injury is not serious
3 (seriedad) seriousness
4 (dignidad) seriousness; dignity
5 (Música) depth

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