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1. amable, atento(a) (kind, polite); caballeroso(a) (in victory)
2. elegante, lujoso(a) (elegant)
3. (exclamation)
  • gracious (me)!, good(ness) gracious! ¡santo cielo!, ¡Dios bendito!
gracious [ˈɡreɪʃəs]
1 (refined, courteous) [+person, gesture, smile, letter] gentil; cortés; [+era] refinado
by (the) gracious consent of (formal) por la gracia de
to be gracious enough to do sth tener la cortesía de hacer algo
he was gracious in defeat/victory era correcto a la hora de la derrota/del triunfo
he has always been a gracious loser siempre ha sabido perder con dignidad
by gracious permission of Her Majesty the Queen por la gracia de Su Majestad la Reina
she gave a gracious [speech] of thanks
to be gracious to sb ser gentil or cortés con algn
2 (merciful) [+God] misericordioso
3 (elegant, comfortable) [+place, building] elegante; refinado
she loved fine clothes and gracious living le encantaba la ropa elegante y la vida refinada
gracious! good gracious (me)! ¡Santo cielo!; ¡Dios mío!
"you know Jack, don't you?" — "good gracious, yes!" —conoces a Jack, ¿no? —¡por supuesto que sí!
"you're short of money?" — "good gracious no!"
good gracious, what does that matter! ¡por amor de Dios! ¿qué importancia tiene eso?
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