1. (person, movement) 
a. airoso(a), elegante 
2. (speech, style) 
a. elegante 
graceful [ˈɡreɪsfʊl]
1 (elegant) [+person, animal, building] elegante
Enfield chairs were light and graceful, Canterbury were slightly heavier over-all four graceful swimming birds were joined by ten more fluttering down to the water the whale arched its back in a graceful curve, and dove down in the sea Ann was dull and dumb, she wasn't graceful and wasn't beautiful she was as graceful as a swan a masterpiece of architecture, elegant and graceful they live in graceful mansions, drive expensive cars arrived at the graceful Parliament Building in downtown Nairobi
2 (flowing) [+movement] elegante; airoso; [+lines] grácil
He was tall for his age, and graceful in his movements She was not as conventionally pretty as her sister, but she was more striking, taller, with lovely graceful movements she made a graceful curtsey His furniture's classical shapes and graceful lines; square-tapered legs;elegant carving effects she studied his body, memorizing its graceful lines with her fingertips
3 (dignified) digno
he was never a graceful loser nunca supo perder con dignidad
We rely completely on your Gallic elegance in handling any potentially embarrassing requests in a graceful way Musburger was no graceful loser All that was left for her now was a graceful retreat
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