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el gobierno


1. gobierno (m)
  • to form a government -> formar gobierno
  • government policy -> la política gubernamental

government [ga-vern-ment]
1. Gobierno, ministerio, administración pública.
2. Gobierno, conducta, porte.
3. Régimen. (Gramática)
4. Dominio, gobierno, territorio sobre que tiene autoridad un gobierno.
5. El derecho de gobernar; autoridad.
  • For your government -> (Com.) para su gobierno

government [ˈɡʌvnmənt]
1 (Pol) gobierno (m)
...our system of government The Government are to carry out a review of ... ...democratic governments in countries like Britain and the US
the Labour Government el gobierno or la administración laborista
2 (Gram) etc régimen (m)
[+intervention, support, loan] estatal; del estado; [+responsibility, decision] gubernamental; del gobierno
government body (n) ente (m) gubernamental or oficial
government bonds (n) bonos (m) del Estado
government department (n) ministerio (m); departamento (m) gubernamental; secretaría (f); (Méx)
government expenditure (n)
government spending See culture box in entry government.
government grant (n) subvención (f) estatal
government health warning (n) advertencia (f) del Ministerio de Sanidad
I confidently predict that soon, every violent image will carry an even larger government health warning than do cigarette ads today Boxes of confetti should carry a government health warning. Marriage, dear newlyweds, is bad for your health
Government House (n) (Britain) palacio (m) del gobernador/de la gobernadora
government issue (n) propiedad (f) del Estado
government policy (n) política (f) gubernamental or del gobierno
government securities (n) bonos (m) del Estado
government spending (n) el gasto público
government stock (n) reservas (f) del Estado
government subsidy (n) subvención (f) estatal; subvención (f) del gobierno

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