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masculine noun
1. cap
  • estar hasta el gorro (de) (informal) to be fed up (with)
  • gorro de baño swimming cap, bathing cap; (para piscina) shower cap (para ducha)
  • gorro de ducha shower cap
  • gorro de piscina bathing o swimming cap
[de lana] hat; [de bebé] bonnet
estar hasta el gorro to be fed up (familiar)
hinchar el gorro a algn to get on sb's wick (muy_familiar)
poner el gorro a algn (avergonzar) to embarrass sb; (S. Cone) (México) to be unfaithful to sb; cuckold sb (muy_familiar)
gorro de baño bathing cap
gorro de caña pith helmet
gorro de dormir nightcap
gorro de montaña Balaclava (helmet)
gorro de papel paper hat
gorro de piel fur hat
gorro frigio Phrygian cap; revolutionary cap
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