feminine noun
1. (peaked) cap
  • de gorra (informal) -> for free (peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish)
  • vivir de gorra (informal) -> to scrounge (peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish)
  • gorra de plato -> peaked cap
  • gorra de visera (of officer) -> baseball cap

gorra [gor’-rah]
1. Cap, bonnet (de bebé), a covering of the head. (f)
  • Gorra de montar -> riding cap
  • Gorra de visera -> peaked cap
2. Gorra de señora, lady’s hat or bonnet. (f)
3. Hunting cap. (f)
4. Intrusion at feasts without invitation. (f)
  • Colarse de gorra -> to gatecrash
  • Entrar de gorra -> to get in free
5. Parasite, sponger. (f)

(para la cabeza) (gen) cap; [de bebé] bonnet; (Mil) bearskin; busby
pasar la gorra to pass the hat round
pegar la gorra to be unfaithful
gorra de montar riding hat
gorra de paño cloth cap
gorra de punto knitted cap
gorra de visera peaked cap
gorra de yate yachting cap
de gorra
una comida de gorra a free meal; andar o ir o vivir de gorra to sponge (familiar); scrounge (familiar)
colarse de gorra
comer de gorra to scrounge a meal (familiar); entrar de gorra to get in free; sacar algo de gorra to scrounge sth (familiar); me vino de gorra (Centroamérica) it was a stroke of luck; it came out of the blue
(gorrón) sponger (familiar); cadger (familiar); parasite

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