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usage note
"Bueno" becomes "buen" before masculine singular nouns.
1. (in general) 
a. el bien (M) 
to do goodhacer el bien
he's up to no goodestá tramando algo malo
to see the good in somebody/somethingver el lado bueno de alguien/algo
2. (benefit) 
a. el bien (M) 
I did it for your own goodlo hice por tu bien
it was all to the goodtodo ha sido para bien
for the good of his healthpor motivos de salud
for the common goodpor el bien de todos
it will do you goodte sentará bien, te vendrá bien
it won't do any goodno va a hacer ningún bien
what's the good of that?¿para qué sirve eso?
it's no good complainingquejarse no sirve de nada
he's no goodno sirve para nada
3. (of positive quality) 
a. bueno(a) 
it looks good on youte queda bien
she looks good in that hatle queda muy bien ese sombrero
to sound/taste goodsonar/saber bien
good to eatcomestible
it's good to see youme alegro de verte
4. (colloquial) 
that's a good one!¡no me digas!
I suppose he thinks he's too good for usdebe pensar que es más que nosotros
if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for mesi a ti te sirve or
to earn good moneyganar un buen sueldo
you've got a good chancetienes bastantes posibilidades
to be on to a good thingtener entre manos algo bueno
to have a good timepasarlo bien
to show somebody a good timesacar a alguien a divertirse por ahí
all in good timetodo llegará
too good to be truedemasiado bueno para ser verdad
the good old dayslos viejos tiempos
good afternoon!¡buenas tardes!
the Good Bookla Biblia
he's a good friendes un buen amigo
Good FridayViernes Santo
5. (colloquial) 
good grief!¡madre mía!
the good lifela buena vida
good looksatractivo m
6. (colloquial) 
good Lord!, good heavens!, good gracious!¡madre mía!, ¡santo cielo!
good morning!¡buenos días!
good newsbuenas noticias fpl
good night!¡buenas noches!, ¡hasta mañana!
the Good Samaritanel buen samaritano
7. (advantageous, appropriate) 
a. bueno(a) 
a good opportunityuna buena ocasión
to be in a good position to do somethingestar en una buena posición para hacer algo
things are looking goodla cosa tiene buena pinta
8. (beneficial) 
a. bueno(a) 
this medicine is very good for coughseste medicamento es muy bueno para la tos
he doesn't know what's good for himno sabe lo que le conviene
to be good for businessser bueno para el negocio
it's a good thing we were heremenos mal que estábamos aquí
good riddance!¡ya era hora de que desapareciera!
9. (skillful) 
a. bueno(a) 
she is good at chemistryse le da bien la química es buena en química
he is good at languagesse le dan bien los idiomas es bueno para los idiomas
to be good with one's handsser habilidoso(a) con las manos or
she is good with childrense le dan bien los niños
to be good in bedser bueno(a) en la cama
10. (well-behaved) 
a. bueno(a) 
be good!¡sé bueno!, ¡pórtate bien!
good conduct or behaviorbuena conducta, buen comportamiento
to be as good as goldser más bueno(a) que el pan
to lead a good lifellevar una vida ejemplar
11. (kind) 
a. amable 
that's very good of youes muy amable de tu parte
he was very good about itfue muy comprensivo al respecto
to do somebody a good turnhacer un favor a alguien
12. (valid) 
a good reasonuna buena razón
I have good reason to believe that…tengo buenas razones para creer que…
there is no good reason why…no hay razón alguna por la que…
he's good for £25,000tiene un activo de 25.000 libras
13. (thorough) 
a. bueno(a) 
to have a good look (at somebody/something)echar una buena ojeada (a alguien/algo)
to have a good cry (about)llorar a gusto (por) echarse una buena llantina (por)
to make goodprosperar
he was ordered to make good the company's lossesfue condenado a indemnizar a la empresa por las pérdidas
to make good one's promisehacer uno buena su promesa
he made good his escapeconsiguió escapar
14. (at least) 
a good two hoursdos horas largas, por lo menos dos horas
a good deal ofmucho(s), mucha(s)
a good manymuchos(as)
15. (for emphasis) 
a. bien, muy 
a good long timeun tiempo bien largo, mucho tiempo
I'll do it when I'm good and readylo haré cuando crea conveniente
16. (as comment, answer) 
a. bien, estupendo 
I feel better today — goodhoy me encuentro mejor — estupendo or
17. (almost) 
it's as good as newestá como nuevo
he as good as called me a liarprácticamente me llamó mentiroso
good [ɡʊd]
better (comparative)best (superlative)
When good is part of a set combination, eg in a good temper, a good deal of, good heavens, look up the noun.
The commonest translation of good is bueno, which must be shortened to [buen] before a masculine singular noun.
1 (satisfactory) bueno
a good book un buen libro; at the end of the day, it's a good investment a fin de cuentas es una buena inversión
Note that [bueno]/[buena] etc precede the noun in general comments where there is no attempt to compare or rank the person or thing involved:
he's a good translator
if he set his mind to it, he could be a very good painter si se lo propusiera podría ser muy buen pintor; she was a good wife and mother era una buena esposa y madre; she has a good figure tiene buen tipo
[Bueno]/[buena] etc follow the noun when there is implied or explicit comparison:
we could make a list of good teachers podríamos hacer una lista de profesores buenos; I'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing no digo que sea una cosa buena, ni mala
she's got good legs you've got good hair
Use [ser] rather than [estar] with [bueno] when translating [to be good], unless describing food:
the idea is a good one la idea es buena; it's good to be aware of the views of intelligent people es bueno conocer los puntos de vista de la gente inteligente; the paella was very good la paella estaba muy buena
Use [estar] with the adverb [bien] to give a general comment on a situation:
you've written a book, which is good has escrito un libro, lo que está bien; his hearing is good del oído está bien; el oído lo tiene bien
she's good at maths se le dan bien las matemáticas; es buena en matemáticas
she's good at singing canta bien; she's good at putting people at their ease tiene la capacidad de hacer que la gente se sienta relajada
that's good enough for me eso me basta
I'm doing a job I love and that's good enough for me [=I'm content with that] When I was level with Gary's record, I felt that was good enough for me. He swore to me he had done nothing wrong and that was good enough for me [=I was convinced] Even though the event might not be highly profitable, as long as everyone involved enjoys it, that's good enough for me
it's just not good enough! ¡esto no se puede consentir!
i didn't mean to stay out late. I just forgot the time — It's just not good enough it is not good enough to say that parents should control what children watch on TV
40% of candidates are not good enough to pass el 40% de los candidatos no dan el nivel or la talla para aprobar
to feel good sentirse bien
I started to feel good about myself again empecé a recuperar mi autoestima or la moral; I don't feel very good about that (I'm rather ashamed) me da bastante vergüenza
we've never had it so good! (informal) ¡nunca nos ha ido tan bien!; ¡jamás lo hemos tenido tan fácil!
how good is her eyesight? ¿qué tal está de la vista?
he has good manners his manners are good
you're looking good ¡qué guapa estás!
having a healthy skin is not just about looking good carpets need regular cleaning to keep them looking good
things are looking good las cosas van bien; la cosa tiene buena pinta (informal)
Weather conditions are still looking good One of the Conservative campaign team claimed: `It's looking good. We are on course to win' things are looking good for the Conservatives Your finances are looking good, so give yourself a treat
you look good in that eso te sienta or te va bien
you can have too much of a good thing lo mucho cansa (y lo poco agrada)
it's too good to be true no puede ser; es demasiado bueno para ser cierto
he sounds too good to be true! ¡algún defecto tiene que tener!
she's good with cats entiende bien a los gatos; sabe manejarse bien con los gatos
he's good with his hands It seems like a great idea, but it's too good to be true if you ask me. There's bound to be a catch The offer of a new slimline body with no bumps or lumps, no rolls of fat, involving no starvation, no step classes, no aerobics, no swimming, no pain and no surgery, seems too good to be true. She claims that this is the best method of slimming she has ever come across. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but take a look It sounded too good to be true - and it was I had been right. He was too good to be true. The wit, charm and intelligence were genuine but flawed by an inability to face the truth to be too much of a good thing a six-month period in which to be moderate in your eating habits. You must just learn that you can have too much of a good thing a chocolate Swiss roll, with chocolate filling, coated with chocolate. You may find the rich taste of chocolate is too much of a good thing
2 (of high quality)
always use good ingredients utilice siempre ingredientes de calidad or los mejores ingredientes; it's made of good leather está hecho con cuero del bueno
it's important to have good equipment this is my only good dress 200 was a good score in those conditions
3 (pleasant) [+holiday, day] bueno; agradable; [+weather, news] bueno
it was as good as a holiday aquello fue como unas vacaciones
have a good journey! ¡buen viaje!
how good it is to know that ...! ¡cuánto me alegro de saber que ...!
it's good to see you me alegro de verte; gusto en verte; (LAm)
it's good to be here da gusto estar aquí
have a good trip! ¡buen viaje!
it's good to be alive it's [as] good [as] a holiday to me
4 (beneficial, wholesome) [+food] bueno; sano; [+air] puro; sano
it's good for burns es bueno para las quemaduras
it's good for you or your health te hace bien
this climate is not good for one's health the shock was good for him [=morally improving] what's good for the consumer isn't necessarily good for the economy it's good for you to swim
spirits are not good for me los licores no me sientan bien; he eats more than is good for him come más de lo que le conviene
milk is good for children
all this excitement isn't good for me! ¡a mí todas estas emociones no me vienen or sientan nada bien!; it's good for the soul! ¡ennoblece el espíritu!; ¡te enriquece (como persona)!; if you know what's good for you you'll say yes por la cuenta que te tiene dirás que sí; some children know more than is good for them algunos niños son demasiado listos or saben demasiado
it's [still] good to eat last week's bread is still good the water from the well is still good it stays good for weeks
5 (favourable) [+moment, chance] bueno
it's a good chance to sort things out es una buena oportunidad de or para arreglar las cosas
I tried to find something good to say about him traté de encontrar algo bueno que decir de él
it would be a good thing or idea to ask him no estaría mal or no sería mala idea preguntárselo
this is as good a time as any to do it es tan buen momento como cualquier otro para hacerlo
6 (useful)
the only good chair la única silla que está bien; la única silla servible or sana
to be good for (doing) sth servir para (hacer) algo
my car is good for another few years
it'll be good for some years durará todavía algunos años; he's good for ten years yet tiene todavía por delante diez años de vida
he's good for £5
John's good for a few hundred pounds John seguramente puede prestarnos unos cientos de libras; I'm good for another mile todavía puedo aguantar otra milla más; the ticket is good for three months el billete es válido or valedero para tres meses; he's good for nothing es un inútil; es completamente inútil
7 (sound, valid) [+excuse] bueno
unless you have a good excuse a menos que tengas una buena excusa
for no good reason sin motivo alguno
he is a good risk (financially) concederle crédito es un riesgo asumible; se le puede prestar dinero
is his credit good? deutschmarks are good anywhere in Europe what how much is he good for?
8 (kind)
that's very good of you es usted muy amable; ¡qué amable (de su parte)!
he was so good as to come with me tuvo la amabilidad de acompañarme
please would you be so good as to help me down with my case? ¿me hace el favor de bajarme la maleta?; ¿tendría la bondad de bajarme la maleta? (formal); would you be so good as to sign here? ¿me hace el favor de firmar aquí?
he's a good sort es buena persona or gente
he was good to me fue muy bueno or amable conmigo; se portó bien conmigo
9 (well-behaved) [+child] bueno
be good! (morally) ¡sé bueno!; (in behaviour) ¡pórtate bien!; (at this moment) ¡estáte formal!
to be as good as gold portarse como un ángel or santo
the child has been as good as gold
10 (upright, virtuous) bueno
he's a good man es una buena persona; es un buen hombre
I think I'm as good as him yo me considero tan buena persona como él
the twelve good men and true los doce hombres justos
yes, my good man sí, mi querido amigo
send us a photo of your good self tenga a bien enviarnos una foto suya
she's too good for him ella es más de lo que él se merece
your good lady (wife) frm or hum
11 (close) bueno
he's a good friend of mine es un buen amigo mío
my good friend Fernando mi buen or querido amigo Fernando
12 (middle-class, respectable)
to live at a good address vivir en una buena zona or en un buen barrio
he's got no money but he's of good family no tiene dinero pero es or viene de buena familia
13 (creditable)
he came in a good third llegó en un meritorio tercer puesto
14 (considerable) [+supply, number] bueno
we were kept waiting for a good hour/thirty minutes nos tuvieron esperando una hora/media hora larga; nos tuvieron esperando por lo menos una hora/media hora
we waited a good fifteen minutes
a good three hours tres horas largas; a good 10km 10kms largos; a good £10 lo menos 10 libras
a good many or few people bastante gente
15 (thorough) [+scolding] bueno
to have a good cry llorar a lágrima viva; llorar a moco tendido (informal)
to have a good laugh reírse mucho
to take a good look (at sth) mirar bien (algo)
to have a good wash lavarse bien
give it a good rinse/stir
the good ship Domino el (buque) Domino
his first command was the good ship Domino on the good ship, Lollipop, where the ...
17 (in greetings)
good morning buenos días
good afternoon/evening buenas tardes
good night buenas noches
with every good wishwith all good wishes (in letter) saludos; un fuerte abrazo
Robert sends (his) good wishes Robert manda recuerdos
18 (in exclamations)
good! ¡muy bien!; (that's) good! ¡qué bien!; ¡qué bueno!; (LAm) very good, sir sí, señor
good for you! ¡bien hecho!; (congratulations) ¡enhorabuena!
good [old] Mike! Mike managed to catch the post. Good old Mike
good one! (well done, well said) ¡muy bien!; ¡sí señor!
that's a good one! some chance! a likely story!
19 (in other set expressions)
as good as
it's as good as new está como nuevo; I'll soon be as good as new pronto estaré como nuevo
the car has hardly been used - it's as good as new was he hurt? — a few bruises, but in a week or two he'll be as good as new [*/hum?]
the job is as good as done el trabajo puede darse por acabado; it's as good as lost puede darse por perdido; they're as good as beaten pueden darse por vencidos; as good as saying ... tanto como decir ...
that's as good as saying worrying is good for you
she as good as told me so poco menos que me lo dijo; he as good as called me a liar me llamó poco menos que mentiroso
to come good
turn out well
things will come good eventually todo se arreglará al final
it's just a matter of time before things start coming good again
good and ...
good and hot bien calentito (informal); good and strong bien fuerte
the soup was served good [and] hot
I'll do it when I'm good and ready lo haré cuando a mí me parezca
to hold good valer;for para
yesterday's success formula is unlikely to hold good for tomorrow
the same advice holds good for us el mismo consejo vale para nosotros
it's a good job
(it's a) good job he came! ¡menos mal que ha venido!
to be on to a good thing he's on to a good [thing] > pls provide info, I suspect meaning but not sure EV
1 (as intensifier) bien
a good strong stick un palo bien fuerte; a good long walk un paseo bien largo; un buen paseo
to give as good as one gets pagar con la misma moneda; devolver golpe por golpe
good and proper
they were beaten good and proper les dieron una buena paliza (informal); they were cheated good and proper les timaron bien timados (informal); les timaron con todas las de la ley (informal)
I told him off good and proper >
2 especially (US) (well) bien
you did good hiciste bien; "how are you?" — "thanks, I'm good" —¿cómo estás? —muy bien, gracias
1 (virtuousness) el bien
to do good hacer (el) bien
good and evil may co-exist within one family
good and evil el bien y el mal
he is a power for good su influencia es muy buena or beneficiosa; hace mucho bien
for good or ill para bien o para mal
and, for good or ill, they decided to emigrate
there's some good in him tiene algo bueno
to be up to no good estar tramando algo
2 (advantage, benefit) bien (m)
the common good el bien común
to the good we were £50 to the good >
if it's any good to you si te sirve de algo
a rest will do you some good un descanso te sentará bien
the sea air does you good el aire del mar le hace or sienta a uno bien
the change has done him good a holiday/diet/rest will do you good
a (fat) lot of good that will do you! ¡menudo provecho te va a traer!
a lot of good that's done him!
much good may it do you! ¡no creo que te sirva de mucho!; ¡para lo que te va a servir!; it does my heart good to see him verlo me alegra la existencia
for your own good por tu propio bien
for the good of the country por el bien del país
to be in good with sb estar a bien con algn
that's all to the good! ¡menos mal!
what good will that do you? ¿y eso de qué te va a servir?
what's the good of worrying? ¿de qué sirve or para qué preocuparse?
what's the good of this?
3 (people of virtue) the good los buenos
the good and the bad the good die young
4 (in set expressions)
any good
is he any good? [+worker, singer etc] ¿qué tal lo hace?; ¿lo hace bien?; is this any good? ¿sirve esto?; is she any good at cooking? ¿qué tal cocina?; ¿cocina bien?
for good (and all) (for ever) para siempre
he's gone for good se ha ido para siempre or para no volver
no good
it's no good (no use) no sirve; it's no good, I'll never get it finished in time así no hay manera, nunca lo terminaré a tiempo; it's no good saying that de nada sirve or vale decir eso; it's no good worrying de nada sirve or vale preocuparse; no se saca nada preocupándose; that's no good eso no vale or sirve
that's no good, it's too thick that won't be much good
I'm no good at maths las matemáticas no se me dan nada bien; that's no good to me eso no me sirve para nada; to come to no good acabar mal
the Good Book (n) (Rel) la Biblia
good deeds (n)
good works See culture box in entry good.
good faith (n) buena fe (f)
in good faith de buena fe
directors who authorised the group's misleading prospectus had acted in good faith He said although the loans were made in good faith, he doesn't believe the union should make direct real-estate loans unions were willing to show their good faith by re-opening negotiations the Palestinians have provided Israel with a pretext to doubt their good faith
Good Friday (n) (Rel) Viernes (m) Santo
good looks (n) atractivo (m) físico
She fell in love with his rugged good looks good looks are important but what really matters is personality
good works (n) buenas obras (f)
goods [ɡʊdz]
plural noun
(possessions) bienes (m); (products) productos (m); (Comm) etc géneros (m); mercancías (f); (objects) artículos (m)
leather goods géneros (m) de cuero; canned goods conservas (f) en lata; consumer goods bienes (m) de consumo; goods and chattels bienes (m)
goods and services ...an organisation which monitors the quality of goods and services Greece has domestic and foreign debt of 55,000 million dollars - more than it produces from goods and services in a year ...a Goods and Services Tax Bill
to deliver the goods cumplir con lo prometido
goods siding (n) apartadero (m) de mercancías
goods station (n) estación (f) de mercancías
goods train (n) tren (m) de mercancías
goods vehicle (n) vehículo (m) de transporte; camión (m)
goods wagon (n) vagón (m) de mercancías
goods yard (n) estación (f) de mercancías
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