golpearon they hit
The word golpearon is the preterite form of golpear in the third person plural. See the full golpear conjugation.


transitive verb
1. (to strike) 
a. to hit 
El jugador golpeó fuerte la pelota.The player hit the ball hard.
b. to bang 
No golpees el cubo de la basura.Don't bang the trash can.
c. to punch 
Lo golpeó en el estómago.He punched him in the stomach.
El abogado golpeó la mesa durante el juicio.The lawyer banged on the table during the trial.
2. (to receive a blow) 
a. to hit 
El pueblo fue golpeado con otra mala noticia ayer.The town was hit by another piece of bad news yesterday.
intransitive verb
3. (to strike; with "contra") 
a. to beat (with "against") 
Las ramas del árbol golpearon contra la puerta.The branches of the tree beat against the door.
reflexive verb
4. (to strike oneself) 
a. to hit 
Me golpeé el pie contra la reja tratando de darle una patada al balón.I hit my foot against the fence trying to kick the ball.
Se golpeó contra la ventana al caerse.She banged herself against the window when she fell.
pronominal verb
1. (general) 
a. to give oneself a bump o bang 
se golpeó en la cabezahe bumped o banged his head
transitive verb
1 (dar un golpe a) to hit; (dar golpes a) [+persona, alfombra] to beat; (para llamar la atención) [+mesa, puerta, pared] to bang on
la golpearon en la cabeza con una pistola (una vez) they hit her on the head with a gun; (varias veces) they beat her about the head with a gun; el maestro golpeó el pupitre con la mano the teacher banged (on) the desk with his hand
2 [+desastre natural] to hit; strike
la vida le ha golpeado mucho life has treated him badly
intransitive verb
to beat
la lluvia golpeaba contra los cristales the rain was beating against the windows
pronominal verb
golpearse to hit; bang
me golpeé la cabeza contra el armario I hit o banged my head on the cupboard
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