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1. golf (m)
  • golf ball pelota (f) (de golf)
  • golf club palo (m) de golf; (stick) club (m) (de golf) (association)
  • golf course campo (m) (de golf)
golf [ɡɒlf]
golf (m)
intransitive verb
jugar al golf
golf ball (n) pelota (f) de golf; (Tip) cabeza (f) de escritura
golf buggy (n) cochecito (m) de golf
golf club (n) (society) club (m) de golf; (stick) palo (m) de golf
golf course (n) campo (m) or cancha (f) de golf; (LAm)
golf links (n) campo (m) de golf junto al mar; (junto al mar)
masculine noun
1. golf
1 (juego) golf
campo de golf golf course
golf miniatura miniature golf
2 (pista) golf course; (club) golf club; (chalet) clubhouse
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