usage note
The plural of "goldfish" can be "goldfish", to refer to goldfish in general, or "goldfishes", to refer to various species of goldfish.
1. (animal) 
I had a pet goldfish that lived for twenty years.Tuve un pez de colores como mascota que murió a los veinte años.
The goldfishes I like best are the shubunkin and the comet.Los peces de colores que más me gustan son los shubunkin y los cometa.
1. (general) 
a. el pez de colores (M) 
goldfish bowlpecera f
it's like living in a goldfish bowles como estar expuesto(a) en un escaparate
goldfish [ˈɡəʊldfɪʃ]
goldfish goldfishes pez (m) de colores
goldfish bowl (n) pecera (f)
to live in a goldfish bowl vivir como en una vitrina
I just want to get back to living my life without feeling I'm in a goldfish bowl And pressure will come from living in a goldfish bowl. It's difficult enough for someone brought up in the limelight, but it must be a shock for an outsider when you can't go anywhere without intense scrutiny "I'm beginning to realise that Diego Jr will be living in a goldfish bowl," she says sadly. "Everyone wants the first pictures of him playing football, later they will want to make deals for sponsorship and other things"
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