1. (metal) 
a. el oro (M) 
My grandfather spent years looking for gold, but never found it.Mi abuelo pasó años buscando oro, pero nunca lo encontró.
2. (color) 
We painted the walls gold.Pintamos las paredes color oro.
3. (medal) 
She won two golds in the Barcelona Olympic Games.Ganó dos medallas de oro en los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona.
4. (metal) 
a. de oro (invariable) 
Jack got a gold watch when he retired.A Jack le regalaron un reloj de oro cuando se jubiló.
5. (gold-colored) 
a. dorado 
The presenter was wearing a stunning gold evening gown.La presentadora llevaba puesto un vestido dorado e imponente.
1. (general) 
a. el oro (M) 
gold bullionlingotes de oro
gold dustoro en polvo
tickets are like gold dustes casi imposible conseguir una entrada or
gold leaf or foilpan de oro, oro batido
2. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
gold medalmedalla de oro
3. (also fig) 
a. no direct translation 
gold minemina de oro
gold platebaño m de oro
4. (finance) 
a. no direct translation 
gold reservesreservas de oro
5. (of gold) 
a. de oro 
6. (color) 
a. dorado(a) 
gold [ɡəʊld]
1 (metal, commodity, currency) oro (m)
he paid for it in gold lo pagó en oro; to invest in gold invertir en oro; she only wears gold solo lleva (joyas de) oro; they stole 12 million pounds worth of gold robaron oro por valor de 12 millones de libras; 24-carat gold oro (m) de 24 quilates; to be made of gold ser de oro
a beautiful figure made of gold even the cutlery was made of gold
pure gold oro (m) puro; she's pure gold es una joya; vale su peso en oro; solid gold oro (m) macizo
worth its weight in gold
2 (colour) dorado (m)
wearing the gold and green of her party, she mounted the stage
autumnal browns and golds los marrones y dorados del otoño
3 (gold medal) medalla (f) de oro
he won (the) gold in Barcelona ganó la medalla de oro en Barcelona; to go for gold intentar ganar la medalla de oro
1 (made of gold) [+jewellery, coins, tooth] de oro
The policemen found 100 kilos of gold bars and more than $30m in cash and bonds
2 (gold-coloured) [+paint, lettering, frame] dorado; [+fabric, dress, shirt] color oro; dorado
a gold shirt
the sign was written in gold letters el cartel estaba escrito con letras doradas; she decided to paint it gold decidió pintarlo color oro or dorado; a green and gold flag una bandera verde y oro
gold bar (n) barra (f) de oro
gold braid (n) galón (m) de oro
gold card (n) tarjeta (f) oro
the Gold Coast (n) (Hist) la Costa de Oro
gold digger (n) buscadorabuscadora (m) (f) de oro;a buscadora
thousands of gold diggers, with pick and shovel in hand, are converging on a lush hilly area of the Amazon
cazafortunas (m)
he doesn't seem to realize that she's just a gold digger intent on getting her hands on his money his wealthy in-laws initially thought he was a gold digger
gold disc (n) (Mús) disco (m) de oro
gold dust (n) oro (m) en polvo
biros are like gold dust in this office (Britain) en esta oficina no encuentras un bolígrafo ni por casualidad
gold fever (n) fiebre (f) del oro
the whole town was gripped by gold fever
gold filling (n) empaste (m) de oro
gold foil (n) papel (m) de oro
gold leaf (n) oro (m) en hojas; pan (m) de oro
gold market (n) mercado (m) del oro
gold medal (n) (Dep) medalla (f) de oro
gold medallist (n) medalleroamedallera (m) (f) de oro;a medallera
gold mine (n) mina (f) de oro
gold miner (n) minero (m) de oro
gold mining (n) minería (f) de oro
gold plate (n) (tableware) vajilla (f) de oro; (covering) baño (m) de oro
it isn't solid gold just gold plate no es oro puro sino un baño de oro; doors covered with gold plate puertas revestidas de un baño de oro
the shrine was covered in gold plate and studded with jewels
gold reserves (n) reservas (f) de oro
gold rush (n) fiebre (f) del oro
gold standard (n) patrón (m) oro
to come off or leave the gold standard abandonar el patrón de oro
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