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1. (progress)
  • that's very good going! ¡es un buen ritmo!
  • it's slow going es muy trabajoso(a)
2. camino (m) (condition of path); terreno (m) (in horseracing)
  • heavy going (sentido figurado) pesado(a) (film, book)
  • to get out while the going is good (sentido figurado) retirarse mientras las cosas van bien
3. (functioning)
  • a going concern un negocio en marcha y rentable (successful business)
4. (current)
  • the going price or rate la tasa or el precio vigente
going [ˈɡəʊɪŋ]
1 (departure) salida (f); partida (f)
2 (progress)
it was slow going se avanzaba a paso lento; good going! ¡bien hecho!; that was good going eso fue muy rápido; the climb was hard going la subida fue muy dura
Climbing the mountain proved hard going
the meeting was hard going en la reunión se complicaron bastante las cosas
Although the talks had been hard going at the start, they had become more friendly Finding your mortgage hard going? How about asking your building society for a lower interest rate?
the book was heavy going la lectura del libro resultó pesada; it's heavy going talking to her es pesado hablar con ella
3 (state of surface etc) estado (m) del camino; (Horse Racing) etc estado (m) de la pista
let's cross while the going is good aprovechemos para cruzar; we made money while the going was good mientras las condiciones eran favorables ganábamos dinero
1 (thriving) [+business, concern] establecido
2 (current) [+price, rate] corriente
3 (available)
the best one going el mejor que hay
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