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go off
intransitive verb
1. marcharse, irse (leave)
  • to go off with somebody escaparse con alguien (elope)
  • to go off with something irse con algo, llevarse algo
2. echarse a perder (milk, meat, fish)
3. dispararse (gun); explotar (bomb); saltar, sonar (alarm)
  • to go off well or smoothly salir bien (event)
4. (be disconnected)
  • the lights went off se fue la luz
verbo transitivo con partícula
5. (lose liking for)
  • I've gone off the idea me ha dejado de gustar la idea
go off
1 (leave) marcharse; irse
he went off with the au pair se largó (informal) or se marchó con la chica au pair
2 (stop) [+TV, light, heating] apagarse; [+pain] irse; pasarse
3 (be activated) [+bomb] estallar; [+gun] dispararse; [+alarm clock] sonar
4 (go bad) [+food] echarse a perder; [+milk] pasarse; echarse a perder
this milk has gone off
5 (pass off) salir
the party went off well la fiesta salió bien
the demo went off peacefully
6 (to sleep) quedarse dormido
I must have gone off for a few moments debo haberme quedado dormido unos instantes; he goes off to sleep the moment his head touches the pillow en cuanto pone la cabeza en la almohada se queda dormido
intransitive verb
(no longer like) [+thing] perder el gusto por; [+person] dejar de querer a
I've gone off the idea ya no me gusta la idea
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