glamor (US)
[of person, job, place] glamour (m)
of job, sb's life the glamour of Rita Hayworth she has it all - a Harvard education, looks, glamour, wealth she accepts the glamour of her newsreader's job philosophically he had been the sole element of glamour and excitement in her life the glitz and glamour of showbusiness the glamour of Paris her disdain for the glamour of Hollywood to say star-studded is to understate the glamour of the event - Bill Clinton was the guest of honour
glamour boy (n) niño (m) bonito
...the one-time glamour boy of British politics he'll blast his 126mph serves at the Wimbledon glamour boy, American Andre Agassi
glamour girl (n) belleza (f)
she wants to get away from the glamour girl image HOLLYWOOD glamour girl Rebecca De Mornay is refusing to cash in on her box office success
glamour sport (n) deporte (m) rodeado de glamour
What women's athletics need is a glamour sport, college football is without question the glamour sport at many Division One universities mens' track and field events are the glamour sport of the Games


usage note
This word may also be spelled “glamur.”
masculine noun
1. (general) 
a. glamor (United States) 
Las cámaras de televisión registraron el glamur de la gala.The television cameras recorded the glamor of the awards ceremony.
b. glamour (United Kingdom) 
El teatro dejó de recibir fondos y perdió todo su glamour.The theatre stopped receiving funds and lost all of its glamour.
1. (general) 
a. glamor 
glamour [ɡlaˈmur]
glamour; glamor; (EEUU)
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