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1. niña (f) (child, baby); chica (f) (young woman)
  • that's my girl! ¡buena chica! (well done)
  • girl Guide scout (f) , escultista (f) (británico)
girl [ɡɜːl]
chica (f); muchacha (f); (small) niña (f); (young woman) chica (f); joven (f); (servant) criada (f); chica (f); (girlfriend) novia (f); polola (f); (Chile)
factory girl obrera (f); shop girl dependienta (f); old girl (Britain) [of school] ex-alumna (f); antigua alumna (f); (elderly woman) señora (f); abuelita (informal) (f); the old girl (Britain) (wife) la parienta (informal); (mother) la vieja; now listen to me, my girl! ¡escúchame, guapa!
girl Friday (n) empleada (f) de confianza
girl guide girl scout (US) (n) exploradora (f); guía (f)
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