Gentileza in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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feminine noun
1. courtesy, kindness
  • ¿tendría la gentileza de decirme…? would you be so kind as to tell me…?
  • por gentileza de by courtesy of
1 (amabilidad) kindness; (cortesía) courtesy
agradezco su gentileza I appreciate your kindness; tuvieron la gentileza de invitarme they were kind enough to invite me; tenga la gentileza de acompañarme I would appreciate it if you came with me; "por gentileza de ..." "by courtesy of ..."
2 (gracia) gracefulness; (encanto) charm
3 (pompa) splendour; splendor; (EEUU)
4 (gallardía) dash; gallantry
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