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1. homosexual, gay (homosexual)
  • gay rights derechos mpl de los homosexuales
2. alegre (especialmente Old-fashioned) (happy)
  • with gay abandon con alegre despreocupación
3. homosexual (m) gay (m) (man); lesbiana (f) (woman)
gay [ɡeɪ]
1 (homosexual) [+man, community, movement] gay
; (a)
[+woman] homosexual; lesbiano; [+bar] gay
; (a)
de gays
a centre for lesbians and gay men un centro para lesbianas y gays; gay men and women hombres y mujeres homosexuales; gays y lesbianas; gay sex relaciones (f) homosexuales; the gay scene el ambiente gay or homosexual
2 gayer (comparative)gayest (superlative) (cheerful) [+person, colour, costume] alegre; [+atmosphere, music, laughter] alegre; festivo
Nancy liked their gay costumes she was feeling witty and gay
3 (carefree)
with gay abandon despreocupadamente; alegremente
He has splashed dollars around with gay abandon
she's living the gay life in Paris se da la gran vida en París; se pega la vida padre en París (informal)
I don't have the money to live the gay life gay [Paree] [Paris]
(man) gay (m); homosexual (m); (woman) lesbiana (f); homosexual (f);
the gay liberation movement gay lib (n) el movimiento de liberación homosexual
gay rights (n) derechos (m) de los homosexuales
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