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gauge, gage
1. calibre (m) (size) (of screw, wire, gun) (Estados Unidos); ancho (m) de vía (of railway track)
2. calibrador (m) (measuring device)
  • fuel gauge, gage indicador (m) del nivel de gasolina
  • pressure gauge, gage manómetro (m)
  • the poll is a useful gauge, gage of public opinion los sondeos son un útil indicador de la opinión pública
transitive verb
3. calcular, precisar (amount, difficulty)
gage (US)
(standard measure) [of wire, bullet, gun] calibre (m); [of railway track] ancho (m); entrevía (f); trocha (f); (LAm) (instrument) indicador (m); indicación (f); muestra (f)
petrol or gas gauge (US) indicador (m) del nivel de gasolina; oil gauge indicador (m) de(l) aceite; pressure gauge manómetro (m)
transitive verb
[+temperature, pressure] medir; [+sb's capabilities, character] estimar; juzgar
to gauge the distance with one's eye medir la distancia al ojo; he knows how to gauge the feeling of the crowd sabe reconocer los deseos de la multitud; to gauge the right moment elegir el momento oportuno
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