feminine noun
1. (general) 
a. gasoline (United States) 
Al auto se le acabó la gasolina.The car ran out of gasoline.
b. gas (United States) 
La gasolina está cada vez más cara.Gas is getting more and more expensive.
c. petrol (United Kingdom) 
Acabo de ponerle gasolina a mi auto.I've just put petrol in my car.
1. (general) 
a. petrol (United Kingdom) 
b. gas (United States) 
c. gasoline (United States) 
echar o poner gasolinato put some petrol, gas in
gasolina con/sin plomoleaded/unleaded petrol, gasoline
1 (Automóviles) petrol; gas(oline); (EEUU)
echar gasolina (a un vehículo) to put petrol in; repostar gasolina to fill up with petrol; to have a drink
solo podemos repostar gasolina sin plomo en 82 gasolineras
gasolina con plomo leaded petrol
gasolina de alto octanaje high octane petrol
gasolina de aviación aviation spirit; aviation fuel
gasolina extra four-star petrol
gasolina normal two-star petrol
gasolina sin plomo unleaded (petrol)
gasolina súper four-star petrol
2 (Caribe) (gasolinera) petrol station; gas station; (EEUU)
Phrases with "gasolina"
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gasolina sin plomo
unleaded gasoline
dame más gasolina
give me more gasoline
ponemos la gasolina en
we put the gasoline in
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