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ganso, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. goose (ave) (hembra); gander (macho)
2. idiot, fool (informal) (tonto)
  • hacer el ganso, -a to clown around
3. tall (informal) (alto); huge (grande)
gansoa gansa
1 (grande) huge; hefty
2 (gandul) lazy
3 (estúpido) idiotic; (bromista) play-acting
¡no seas ganso! don't be an idiot!
4 (atractivo) hunky (familiar); dishy (familiar)
(torpe) idiot; dimwit (familiar); (rústico) country bumpkin; hick (familiar); (EEUU)
(ave) (gen) goose; (macho) gander
hacer el ganso to play the fool; clown around
ganso salvaje wild goose
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