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feminine noun
1. biscuit (cooking) (British), cookie (United States)
  • galleta para perros dog biscuit
2. slap, smack (informal) (cachete) (peninsular Spanish)
  • dar una galleta a alguien to give somebody a slap o smack
3. (golpe)
  • se dieron una galleta they crashed the car (en automóvil) (peninsular Spanish)
  • me di una galleta en la rodilla bajando las escaleras I banged myself on the knee coming down the stairs
1 (Culin) (dulce) biscuit; cookie; (EEUU) (Náutica) ship's biscuit; hardtack; (S. Cone) coarse bread
ir a toda galleta to go full-speed
galleta para perros dog biscuit
galleta salada cracker
2 (bofetada) bash (familiar); slap
se pegó una galleta con la moto he had a bad smash on the bike
3 (And) (S. Cone) small bowl for drinking maté
4 (Latinoamérica) confusion; disorder
hacerse una galleta (S. Cone) to get muddled
galleta del tráfico (Ven) (atasco) traffic jam; (burla) practical joke
5 (S. Cone) (bronca) ticking-off (familiar)
le dieron una buena galleta they gave him a good ticking-off (familiar)
colgar o dar la galleta a algn (And) (Arg) (despedir) to sack sb (familiar); fire sb (familiar); (plantar) to jilt sb; (rechazar) to give sb the brush-off (familiar); (no hacer caso a) to give sb the cold shoulder
tener mucha galleta (México) to be very strong
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