Gain in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. beneficio (m) ganancia (f) (profit)
  • for personal gain en beneficio propio
2. aumento (m) (increase)(in de)
transitive verb
3. cobrar, ganar (advantage, reputation); obtener (victory); granjearse, ganarse (sympathy)
  • to gain access to lograr acceder or acceso a (burglar)
  • he gained the impression that… le dio la impresión de que…
4. ganar (increase)
  • to gain weight ganar peso
  • to gain ground on ganar terreno a
  • to gain speed cobrar velocidad
  • to gain time ganar tiempo
intransitive verb
5. (benefit)
  • to gain by something beneficiarse de algo
6. (increase)
  • to gain in confidence cobrar or ganar confianza
  • to gain in popularity hacerse cada vez más popular
7. adelantar (clock)
gain [ɡeɪn]
transitive verb
1 (obtain, win) [+respect] ganarse; [+approval, support, supporters] conseguir; [+experience] adquirir; obtener; [+freedom] obtener; conseguir; [+popularity, time] ganar; [+friends] hacerse; [+qualification] obtener
what do you hope to gain by it? ¿qué provecho esperas sacar con esto?; ¿qué esperas ganar or conseguir con esto?; there is nothing to be gained by feeling bitter no se gana or consigue nada guardando rencores; he had nothing to gain by lying to me no iba a ganar or conseguir nada mintiéndome; Serbia's newly gained territories los territorios recientemente adquiridos por Serbia
what have you gained by it? what do I have to gain by staying here? he'll gain nothing by being rude Labour has gained three seats the company did not disclose how much it expects to gain from the two deals a former intelligence chief, who has gained respect in his 18-month stint in the Bonn Cabinet you will never gain her respect if you don't tell the truth he had gained respect among his colleagues as an excellent negotiator Rabin also reportedly gained approval to act against Hezbollah without further consultation the drug has first to gain approval from the FDA they have gained approval for the construction of a hotel on the site students can gain valuable experience by working on the campus radio or magazine they realize that passing exams is no longer enough to gain a place at university their efforts helped the hostages gain their freedom she had somehow gained possession of the letter he started a war of liberation against Syria costing almost 1,000 lives and gaining no territory their strategy failed to gain public support he uses his disease to gain sympathy you won't gain many friends doing that
to gain an advantage over sb sacar ventaja a algn
technologies evolve and opponents seek ways to gain a new advantage to gain [confidence] you can become more adventurous as you gain confidence simple exercises to help you gain confidence in your appearance and in yourself stumblingly he began to reply, gaining more confidence as he went along
to gain confidence adquirir confianza
you'll gradually gain more confidence in yourself I think the market will continue slowly to gain confidence men who are beginning to gain the confidence to express themselves
to gain sb's confidence to gain the confidence of sb ganar(se) la confianza de algn
hoping to gain her confidence, I told her my name it proved very hard to gain the confidence of the local community to put forward a plan to gain the confidence of the voters
to gain control of sth hacerse con el control de algo
the Republicans gained control of both chambers Hemmer gained control of the ball to gain one's [objective] use any means imaginable to gain your objective
Kenya gained independence from Great Britain in 1963 Kenia obtuvo or consiguió la independencia de Gran Bretaña en 1963
my daughter has just gained a place at university mi hija acaba de obtener una plaza en la universidad
to gain [popularity] the idea slowly gained popularity feng shui has been steadily gaining popularity in the United States it did not gain mass popularity until the 50s as the wine gains popularity the variety and quality will develop
Jones gained possession of the ball Jones se hizo con el balón
Jones gained [possession] of the ball and made a shot at goal
Labour has gained three seats from the Conservatives los laboristas les han arrebatado tres escaños a los conservadores
to gain [time] he believes Croatia agreed to the truce in order to gain time to buy desperately needed weapons to gain the upper hand
2 (increase)
the shares have gained four points las acciones han aumentado or subido cuatro enteros; my watch has gained five minutes mi reloj se ha adelantado cinco minutos
to gain speed ganar or cobrar velocidad
the vehicle was gaining speed as it approached
to gain strength (physically) cobrar fuerzas; (mentally) hacerse más fuerte
she gained strength and was able to walk unaided he gradually gained the strength to look after himself and not depend on other people the reformist tendency in the labour movement gained strength some people are weakened by adversity, others gain strength from it
to gain weight engordar; aumentar de peso
I've gained three kilos he engordado tres kilos
she gained some 25lbs in weight during her pregnancy some people do gain weight after they stop smoking
3 (arrive at) llegar a
the steamer gained port el vapor llegó a puerto
we gained the summit two days later
intransitive verb
1 (profit)
to gain by/from sth beneficiarse de algo
who would gain by or from his death? ¿quién iba a beneficiarse de su muerte?; no one gains by putting others down nadie sale beneficiando humillando a los demás; I gained immensely from the experience me beneficié mucho de la experiencia; saqué mucho provecho de la experiencia
some regions stood to gain by reallocation of resources he hasn't gained by the exchange he was hoping to gain by refusing to negotiate to gain [from] sth some people stand to gain from the change in the law Walesa is likely to gain from all the confusion Iraq's leader must not be allowed to gain from his assault on basic human values they are gaining from other peoples' suffering
2 (advance) [+watch] adelantarse; [+runner] ganar terreno
my watch has a tendency to gain hurry! they're gaining
3 (increase, improve) [+shares] aumentar de valor; subir
Glaxo shares gained substantially today
to gain in sth
to gain in popularity adquirir mayor popularidad; to gain in prestige ganar prestigio; his reputation gained in stature su reputación aumentó or creció
while it has lost its tranquility, the area has gained in liveliness opinion polls show that he has gained in popularity the wines of Pouilly and Sancerre have gained in popularity he wore his new trainers to school, hoping to gain in prestige with his classmates the knowledge that you have gained in stature by what you have been through to gain in [weight]
1 (increase) aumento (m)
a gain in weight un aumento de peso
Labour made gains in the South los laboristas ganaron terreno en el sur
the effect of a modest gain in the pound el efecto de una pequeña subida en la libra
a gain of eight per cent un aumento or una subida del ocho por ciento
their shares showed a three-point gain sus acciones experimentaron una subida de tres enteros
news on home sales is brighter, showing a gain of 8 per cent in August the index was up by 1.1 percent, the biggest gain in nearly three years to [make] gains sales of new homes made a small gain in April share prices made gains in Tokyo ideology, political party communism made gains in the Third World during the '60s and '70s this would effectively endorse the /territorial gains/ made by the Serbs and Croats
productivity gains aumentos (m) en la productividad
2 (benefit, advantage) beneficio (m)
they are using the situation for personal/political gain están utilizando la situación en beneficio propio/para ganar terreno político
all he is concerned with is his own material gain short-term political gains at the expense of long-term social stability to do sth [for] gain he buys art solely for financial gain he is using his position of power for personal gain it is exploiting the conflict in Iraq for its own territorial gain
their loss is our gain ellos pierden y nosotros ganamos
3 (Economics) (profit) ganancia (f); beneficio (m)
the company reported pre-tax gains of £759 million la compañía anunció haber obtenido unos beneficios or unas ganancias brutas de 759 millones de libras
I lost all my gains
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