gafa [gah’-fah]
1. A kind of hook, used to bend a crossbow. (f)
noun, plural
2. Can-hooks, used to raise or lower casks. (Nautical)
3. Spectacles.
  • Gafas ahumadas -> smoked glasses
  • Gafas negras -> dark glasses
4. Spectacle-bows.
5. Grapple (grapa); clamp (abrazadera).
1. Infected with leprosy.
2. Indisposed with a contraction of the nerves.
3. (Peru) Paralytic, tremulous.

1 (grapa) grapple; (abrazadera) clamp
2 gafas (para ver) glasses; spectacles (anticuado); eyeglasses; (EEUU) (Dep) goggles
gafas bifocales bifocals
gafas de aro wire-rimmed glasses
gafas de baño gafas de bucear diving goggles
gafas de cerca reading glasses
gafas de culo de vaso pebble glasses
gafas de esquiar skiing goggles
gafas de leer reading glasses
gafas de media luna half-moon glasses
gafas de motorista motorcyclist's goggles
gafas de protección safety goggles; protective goggles
gafas de sol sunglasses
gafas graduadas prescription glasses
gafas negras gafas oscuras dark glasses
gafas protectoras safety goggles; protective goggles
gafas sin aros rimless glasses
gafas submarinas underwater goggles
"Uso de "pair"" See culture box in entry pantalón.

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