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gacho, -a
1. drooping (caído)
  • caminaba con la cabeza gacha he was walking along with his head bowed o hanging his head
2. nasty, rotten (informal) (persona) (Mexican Spanish)
3. awful, ghastly (informal) (objeto) (Mexican Spanish)
1 (encorvado) bent down; turned downward; [+cuerno] down-curved; [+orejas] drooping; floppy
sombrero gacho slouch hat; salió con las orejas gachas o con la cabeza gacha he went out all down in the mouth (familiar)
a cabeza gacha (S. Cone) obediently
ir a gachas to go on all fours
3 (México) (feo) nasty; ugly; (sin suerte) unlucky
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