"funcionaria" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to work, to run (machine) ; to work (plan, idea, método)
  • funciona a pilas -> it works o runs off batteries
  • no funciona -> out of order (en letrero)

funcionar [foon-the-o-nar’]
verb neuter
1. To work, to perform duly, to functionate (maquinarias, personas). (n)
  • Hacer funcionar una máquina -> to operate a machine

1 [+aparato, mecanismo] to work; [+motor] to work; run; [+sistema] to work; function
¿cómo funciona el vídeo? how does the video work?; how do you work the video?; funciona con monedas de un euro it works with one-euro coins; hacer funcionar una máquina to operate a machine
no funciona out of order
2 [+plan, método] to work; [+negocio, película] to be a success
su primer matrimonio no funcionó her first marriage did not work out o was not a success; su última novela no ha funcionado tan bien como la anterior his latest novel hasn't been as successful o as much of a success as the previous one

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