funciona is a conjugated form of the verb funcionar and roughly translates to it works - View Conjugation


intransitive verb
1. (to be operative) 
a. to work 
No me funciona el ordenador desde hace dos días.My computer has not been working for the last two days.
La aplicación solo funciona con la última versión del programa.The application functions only with the last version of the program.
c. to run 
Este vehículo funciona con gasolina.This vehicle runs on gas.
2. (to be in operation) 
El negocio lleva funcionando desde el año 2003.The business has been operating since 2003.
3. (to be successful) 
a. to work 
El medicamento está funcionando y su mejoría es notable.The medication is working and the improvement in his health is very obvious.
b. to work out (relationship) 
Está claro que nuestra relación no funciona.Our relationship is clearly not working out.
intransitive verb
1. (machine) 
a. to work, to run 
2. (plan, idea, método) 
a. to work 
funciona a pilasit works o runs off batteries
no funcionaout of order
intransitive verb
1 [+aparato, mecanismo] to work; [+motor] to work; run; [+sistema] to work; function
¿cómo funciona el vídeo? how does the video work?; how do you work the video?; funciona con monedas de un euro it works with one-euro coins; hacer funcionar una máquina to operate a machine
no funciona out of order
2 [+plan, método] to work; [+negocio, película] to be a success
su primer matrimonio no funcionó her first marriage did not work out o was not a success; su última novela no ha funcionado tan bien como la anterior his latest novel hasn't been as successful o as much of a success as the previous one
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