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1. lleno(a) (container, room); completo(a) (day)
  • to be full of estar lleno(a) de
  • full of holes lleno(a) de agujeros
  • to be full of praise for somebody no tener más que elogios para alguien
  • to be full of oneself tenérselo muy creído
  • full to the brim (lleno(a)) hasta el borde
  • don't speak with your mouth full no hables con la boca llena
  • to be full (up) estar lleno(a) (person)
  • on a full stomach con el estómago lleno
2. total (complete) (amount, support); completo(a) (explanation, recovery)
  • to take full responsibility for something asumir plena responsabilidad por algo
  • she gave me the full story me lo contó todo
  • the full horror todo el horror
  • the full implications todas las implicaciones or implicancias (español de Chile, RP)
  • to lead a full life llevar una vida plena
  • I waited two full hours or a full two hours esperé dos horas enteras
  • to ask for fuller information about something pedir más información acerca de algo
  • to be in full bloom estar reventón(ona) or en pleno florecimiento
  • in full flow en pleno discurso (speaker)
  • to be in full swing estar en pleno apogeo (party)
  • in full view completamente a la vista
  • full board pensión (f) completa
  • full beam (automóbiles) luces (f pl) largas or (británico) altas, luces (f pl) de carretera (Am)
  • in full color (fotografía) a todo color
  • full fare (ferrocarril) precio (m) or tarifa (f) normal
  • full house lleno (m) ; (in theater) full (m) (in cards)
  • full member miembro (m) de pleno derecho
  • full moon luna (f) llena
  • full name nombre (m) y apellido
  • full price (Theat) precio (m) completo
  • full stop punto (m) (y seguido) (punctuation)
  • full time final (m) del tiempo reglamentario (in soccer match)
3. (maximum)
  • at full blast a plena potencia(heater, air conditioning), a todo vapor; (RP) a todo volumen (radio, TV)
  • at full pelt or tilt a toda pastilla or marcha
  • (at) full speed a toda velocidad
  • at full stretch a pleno rendimiento
  • full marks nota (f) or puntuación (f) (m) áxima (in exam)
4. holgado(a), amplio(a) (skirt, sleeve)
  • a full figure una figura de formas bien contorneadas (of woman)
  • full lips labios mpl carnosos
  • to pay in full pagar el total
  • name in full nombre (m) y apellidos
  • to live life to the full disfrutar la vida al máximo
  • I know it full well lo sé perfectamente
  • it hit him full in the face le dió en plena cara
full [fʊl]
fuller (comparative)fullest (superlative)
1 (filled) [+room, hall, theatre] lleno; [+vehicle] completo
The auditorium was packed, though not quite full
[+hotel] lleno; completo
Every hotel and guest house in the resort was full
house full (Teat) no hay localidades; completo
full to the brim hasta el tope
full to bursting lleno de bote en bote
full to overflowing lleno hasta los bordes
we are full up for July estamos completos para julio
his heart was full tenía el corazón apenado
It is not true that when the heart is full the eyes necessarily overflow
to be full of ... estar lleno de ...; the papers were full of the murders los periódicos no traían más que noticias de los asesinatos
full of cares lleno de cuidados
a look full of hate una mirada cargada de odio
full of hope lleno de esperanza; ilusionado
he's full of good ideas tiene muchísimas ideas buenas
to be full of o.s. or one's own importance ser muy engreído or creído
to be full of life estar lleno de vida
to be full of it (excited) estar animadísimo
She was full of it, really looking forward to playing The lads were really hyped up, absolutely full of it
to be full of shit no tener puñetera idea (very_informal)
People talk about wild rock, and they're full of shit "I'm a 63-year-old grandmother and all the people at my table said you wouldn't talk to me." "They're full of shit," he answered, "they don't know a damn thing"
3 (complete) completo; entero; [+account] detallado; extenso; [+meal] completo; [+power] pleno; [+price, pay] íntegro; sin descuento; [+speed, strength] máximo; [+text] íntegro; [+uniform] de gala
a full three miles tres millas largas; I waited a full hour esperé una hora entera
to take full advantage of the situation aprovecharse al máximo de la situación
to put one's headlights on full beam poner las luces largas or de carretera
in full bloom en plena flor
in full colour a todo color
in full daylight en pleno día
to pay full fare pagar la tarifa íntegra
to fall full length caer cuán largo se es
he was lying full length estaba tumbado todo lo largo que era
he's had a full life ha llevado una vida muy completa
the full particulars todos los detalles
he was suspended on full pay se le suspendió sin reducción de sueldo
to pay full price for sth (for goods, tickets) pagar el precio íntegro de algo
in the fullest sense of the word en el sentido más amplio de la palabra
at full speed a toda velocidad
full speed or steam ahead! (Náut) ¡avance a toda marcha!
at full strength [+team, battalion] completo
Now that we knew the South African team would be at full strength, it was doubly important for us to have the best man available
in full cry a toda carrera
Margot waved goodbye and then set off down the path in full cry after her small sister Shortly afterward his pursuers come pouring down the passage in full cry
to go full steam ahead ponerse en marcha a todo vapor
Their information systems went full steam ahead, and they soon could ascertain every twist and turn in Belle's life
in full swing en pleno apogeo
4 (ample) [+face] redondo; [+figure] llenito; [+lips] grueso; [+skirt, sleeves] amplio
clothes for the fuller figure tallas (f) grandes
5 (busy) [+day, timetable] muy ocupado
I've had a full day he estado ocupado todo el día
6 (Pol) etc [+session] pleno; plenario; [+member] de pleno derecho
7 (after eating)
I'm full (up) no puedo más; estoy harto or ahíto
you'll work better on a full stomach trabajarás mejor con el estómago lleno or después de haber comido
8 (in titles)
full colonel coronelacoronela (m) (f);a coronela
full general general (m)
full professor (US) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) titular;a profesora
it hit him full in the face le pegó en plena cara; to turn the sound/volume up full subir el volumen a tope
to go full out to do sth ir a por todas para hacer algo (informal)
I'll be going full out for the Batsman of the Year award
full well muy bien; perfectamente
to know full well that saber perfectamente que; he understands full well that se da cuenta cabal de que
in full
name in full nombre (m) y apellidos; text in full texto (m) íntegro; to pay in full pagar la deuda entera; to write sth in full escribir algo por extenso
to the full al máximo
full brother (n) hermano (m) carnal
full cost (n) coste (m) total
full dress (n) traje (m) de etiqueta or de gala
in full dress vestido de etiqueta or de gala
full employment (n) pleno empleo (m)
full house (n) (Cards) full (m); (Bingo) cartón (m); (Teat) lleno (m)
full marks (n) puntuación (f) máxima
full marks for persistence! ¡te mereces un premio a la perseverancia!
full measure (n) medida (f) or cantidad (f) completa
full moon (n) luna (f) llena
full name (n) nombre (m) y apellidos
full sister (n) hermana (f) carnal
full stop (n) (Britain) (Gram) punto (m) (y seguido)
I'm not going, full stop! ¡no voy, y punto or y se acabó!
to come to a full stop pararse; paralizarse; quedar detenido en un punto muerto
full time (n) (Britain) (Dep) final (m) del partido


full [ful]
(Latinoamérica) full
tenía los dos tanques full de gasolina his two tanks were full of petrol
(S. Cone)
a full: trabajan a full para que no quede impune they are working flat out so he doesn't go unpunished
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