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1. combustible (m)
  • to add fuel to the flames (sentido figurado) echar leña al fuego (situation, crisis)
  • fuel bill facturas (f pl) del gas y la electricidad
  • fuel consumption (automóbiles) consumo (m) de combustible
  • fuel gauge (automóbiles) indicador (m) del nivel de gasolina or nafta (RP)
  • fuel injection (automóbiles) inyección (f) (de combustible)
  • fuel pump bomba (f) de (la) gasolina or nafta (RP)
  • fuel tank depósito (m) de combustible
transitive verb
2. dar pábulo a, avivar (sentido figurado) (argument, hatred)
fuel [fjʊəl]
1 (gen) combustible (m); (for engine) carburante (m); (specifically coal) carbón (m); (wood) leña (f);
2 pábulo (m)
to add fuel to the flames echar leña al fuego
transitive verb
1 [+furnace etc] alimentar; [+aircraft, ship etc] repostar
2 [+speculation etc] estimular; provocar; [+dispute] avivar; acalorar
intransitive verb
[+aircraft, ship] repostar
fuel cap (n) (Aut) tapa (f) del depósito de gasolina
fuel crisis (n) crisis (f) energética
fuel injection (engine) (n) motor (m) de inyección
fuel needs (n) necesidades (f) energéticas
fuel oil (n) fuel oil (m); mazut (m)
fuel policy (n) política (f) energética
fuel pump (n) (Aut) surtidor (m) de gasolina
fuel tank (n) depósito (m) (de combustible)
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