fruits is the plural form of fruit and roughly translates to frutas.
1. (culinary) 
a. la fruta (F) 
We bought some fruit in the market.Compramos fruta en el mercado.
2. (result) 
a. el fruto (M) 
It is now that they are reaping the fruits of their hard work.Es ahora cuando están recogiendo los frutos de su esfuerzo.
3. (botany) 
a. el fruto (M) 
What fruit tree gives fruit year round?¿Qué árbol frutal da frutos todo el año?
4. (extremely offensive) (homosexual) 
a. el maricón (M)la maricona (F) (extremely offensive) 
intransitive verb
5. (to give results) 
a. dar fruto 
Our apple tree fruits every other year.Nuestro manzano da fruto un año sí y otro no.
1. (for eating) 
a. la fruta (F) 
2. (on plant) 
a. el fruto (M) 
fruit bowlfrutero m
fruit cocktailcóctel de frutas, macedonia (de frutas)
fruit flymosca de la fruta
fruit machine(máquina f) tragaperras inv
fruit saladmacedonia (de frutas)
fruit tree(árbol m) frutal m
fruit [fruːt]
1 also (Bot) fruto (m); (piece of fruit) fruta (f)
would you like some fruit? ¿quieres fruta?; to be in fruit [+tree, bush] haber dado or echado fruto; tener fruta; the fruits of the sea los productos del mar
Sample the fruits of the sea at the Docklands Seafood Fair on 11 and 12 September, choose from a `wide variety of fresh fish, shellfish and seafood with an international flavour"
to bear fruit dar fruto
2 fruits (benefits)
the fruits of one's labour los frutos del trabajo; to enjoy the fruits of one's success disfrutar de los frutos del éxito
3 (US) (male homosexual) maricón (informal) (m)
4 (as term of address)
hello, old fruit! ¡hola, compadre! (informal)
intransitive verb
dar fruto
fruit basket (n) frutero (m); canasto (m) de la fruta
fruit cocktail (n) macedonia (f) de frutas
fruit cup (n) sangría (f)
fruit dish (n) frutero (m)
fruit drop (n) bombón (m) de fruta
fruit farm (n) granja (f) frutícola or hortofrutícola
fruit farmer (n) fruticultorafruticultora (m) (f);a fruticultora granjeroagranjera (m) (f) frutícola or hortofrutícola;a granjera
fruit farming (n) fruticultura (f)
fruit fly (n) mosca (f) de la fruta
fruit grower (n) fruticultorafruticultora (m) (f);a fruticultora granjeroagranjera (m) (f) frutícola or hortofrutícola;a granjera
fruit growing (n) fruticultura (f)
fruit gum (n) (Britain) gominola (f)
fruit juice (n) zumo (m) or jugo (m) de frutas
fruit knife (n) cuchillo (m) de la fruta
fruit machine (n) (Britain) máquina (f) tragaperras
fruit salad (n) macedonia (f) de frutas
fruit salts (n) sal (f) de fruta(s)
fruit tree (n) árbol (m) frutal
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fruits and vegetables
frutas y verduras
vegetables and fruits
vegetales y frutas
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