1. (person) 
I met a really friendly girl yesterday at the beach.Conocí a una muchacha bien simpática ayer en la playa.
Your brother is very friendly.Tu hermano es muy simpático.
b. amable 
The hotel clerk was friendly and helpful.La empleada del hotel fue amable y servicial.
2. (place) 
a. agradable 
They moved from the big city to a friendly little town an hour away.Se mudaron de la gran ciudad a un pueblito agradable a una hora.
3. (greeting) 
a. cordial 
He always gives us a friendly greeting.Siempre nos da un saludo cordial.
4. (pleasant) 
a. amistoso 
There's a friendly rivalry between the two players.Hay una rivalidad amistosa entre los dos jugadores.
5. (of one's own side) 
a. amigo 
They were careful not to attack friendly territory.Tuvieron cuidado de no atacar territorio amigo.
6. (exhibition match) (United Kingdom) 
They won the friendly 3-2.Ganaron el amistoso 3-2.
1. (sport) 
a. el partido amistoso (M) 
2. (person) 
a. agradable, amable 
3. (greeting, place) 
a. amistoso(a) 
to be friendly with somebodyllevarse bien con alguien
they became friendlyse hicieron amigos(as)
to be on friendly terms with somebodyllevarse bien con alguien
4. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
friendly firefuego del propio bando
5. (finance) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
friendly societymutua f, mutualidad f
friendly [ˈfrendlɪ]
friendlier (comparative)friendliest (superlative)
1 [+person, dog, cat] simpático; [+atmosphere, place] agradable; [+smile, gesture] simpático; cordial
he greeted her with a friendly smile? She gave him a friendly smile of encouragement
[+relationship, greeting, tone] amistoso; cordial
there's a friendly pub in the village
it was an attempt to establish friendly relations fue un intento de establecer relaciones amistosas or cordiales
he gave me a friendly smile
I'm giving you a friendly warning te estoy advirtiendo como amigo; te estoy dando una advertencia de amigo
"glad you could come," she said with a friendly smile as a friendly gesture they allowed us to look round the building Iran is providing the planes with refuge as a friendly gesture
let me give you a piece of friendly advice déjame que te dé un consejo de amigo
to become friendly with sb hacerse amigo de algn; trabar amistad con algn
we became friendly nos hicimos amigos
I became friendly with a woman at work from the same town as me get friendly with people in a position to help you we became friendly when I discovered we had the same interest in common
it's nice to see a friendly face es agradable ver una cara conocida
to get friendly with sb hacerse amigo de algn
I became friendly with a woman at work from the same town as me get friendly with people in a position to help you
we remained on friendly terms after we split up después de cortar, seguimos siendo amigos
it's important to keep on friendly terms with them es importante seguir manteniendo una relación amistosa con ellos
Kitchener warned him of the importance of keeping on friendly terms with the French
that wasn't a very friendly thing to do eso no se hace con los amigos
to be friendly to sb
they are not very friendly to strangers no se muestran muy amables con los extraños; she wasn't very friendly to me no estuvo demasiado amable conmigo; no se mostró muy amable conmigo
to be friendly [with] sb
Yul and Steve were friendly with one another Yul y Steve eran amigos
she's very friendly with strangers I've been friendly with their family for years she was friendly with almost everyone who crossed her path
2 (not competitive) [+match, rivalry, argument] amistoso
he doesn't seem to understand friendly argument my husband has stopped the friendly wrestling matches he used to enjoy with our son Friendly rivalry is encouraged between the 12 groups and the children learn chants such as `we're simply the best, better than all the rest"
3 (not enemy) [+nation, forces] amigo
they find it difficult to distinguish between friendly and hostile aircraft
(also friendly match) (Ftbl) partido (m) amistoso;
friendly fire (n) (Mil) fuego (m) amigo
friendly society (n) mutualidad (f); mutua (f); mutual (f); (LAm)
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