1. (quality of fresh) 
a. la frescura (F) (food) 
This restaurant isn't known for bells and whistles but for its simplicity and for the freshness of their ingredients.Este restaurante no se conoce por florituras extravagantes, sino por su sencillez y la frescura de sus ingredientes.
b. el frescor (M) (air) 
The freshness of the night air was a relief from the hot stuffiness of the apartment.El frescor del aire de la noche era un alivio después del calor bochornoso del apartamento.
2. (rejuvenation) 
There was a freshness about his face that morning. He had shaven and looked like he had slept for once.Esa mañana su cara era pura frescura; se había afeitado y parecía que había dormido por una vez.
With this cream, the freshness of your complexion will be the envy of all around you.Con esta crema, la lozanía de tu cutis será la envidia de todos los que te rodean.
3. (creativity) 
We always appreciate the freshness of your ideas.Siempre apreciamos la frescura de tus ideas.
The freshness of Gil Evans' orchestral arrangements for Miles Davis maintain their freshness even today.Aun hoy en día, los arreglos orquestales de Gil Evans para Miles Davis conservan su originalidad.
1. (of food) 
a. la frescura (F) 
freshness [ˈfreʃnɪs]
1 [of food] frescura (f)
the freshness of the ingredients is crucial I couldn't help being surprised by the freshness of his face, the softness of his complexion she loved the moment of breaking camp into the freshness of early morning
2 [of air] frescor (m)
The freshness of the late afternoon air was wonderful there's that little bit of freshness in the breeze that tells you the seasons are about to change
3 [of face, complexion] frescura (f); lozanía (f)
4 (originality, spontaneity) [of style] originalidad (f); frescura (f)
he is master of a style of great freshness and clarity a mechanically cheery score behind the action is another conventional touch diluting the movie's freshness the freshness of much of the orchestral playing offered rich compensation theatre lives on freshness. Anything that helps you discover freshness is of great value fatal flaw in a type of show in which freshness and spontaniety is almost everything
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