Frescura in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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feminine noun
1. freshness (de fruta, verdura)
2. freshness (espontaneidad)
3. cheek, nerve (descaro)
  • ¡qué frescura! what a cheek!
1 [de temperatura, alimentos] freshness; [de lugar, bebida] coolness
2 (serenidad) coolness; calmness
lo dijo con la mayor frescura she said it without batting an eyelid
3 (descaro) cheek; nerve (familiar)
tiene la mar de frescura he's got the cheek of the devil (familiar); tuvo la frescura de pedirme dinero she had the nerve to ask me for money (familiar)
4 (impertinencia) cheeky thing (to say); impudent remark
me dijo unas frescuras he was cheeky to me
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