feminine noun
1. freshness (de fruta, verdura)
2. freshness (espontaneidad)
3. cheek, nerve (descaro)
  • ¡qué frescura! -> what a cheek!

frescura [fres-coo’-rah]
1. Freshness, cooleness (frío), cool, gentle cold, cheek (descarado). (f)
2. Amenity, agreeableness of situation. (f)
3. Frankness, openness. (f)
4. Freedom, ease, disengagement. (f)
5. Serenity (serenidad), tranquility, coolness of mind. (f)
  • Con la mayor serenidad -> with the greatest unconcern

1 [de temperatura, alimentos] freshness; [de lugar, bebida] coolness
2 (serenidad) coolness; calmness
lo dijo con la mayor frescura she said it without batting an eyelid
3 (descaro) cheek; nerve (familiar)
tiene la mar de frescura he's got the cheek of the devil (familiar); tuvo la frescura de pedirme dinero she had the nerve to ask me for money (familiar)
4 (impertinencia) cheeky thing (to say); impudent remark
me dijo unas frescuras he was cheeky to me

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