transitive verb
1. (material) 
a. deshilachar 
intransitive verb
2. (material) 
a. deshilacharse 
3. (nerves, tempers) 
a. crisparse 
fray [freɪ]
(fight) combate (m); lucha (f)
to be ready for the fray estar dispuesto a pelear; to enter the fray entrar en acción or en liza
There will have to be a second round of voting when new candidates can enter the fray
fray [freɪ]
intransitive verb
1 [+cloth, garment, cuff] deshilacharse; [+rope] desgastarse
tempers frayed in the discussion that followed los ánimos se caldearon en la discusión que siguió
elbows sharpened and tempers frayed as shoppers go into action on the first Saturday of the sales it was all I could do to keep tempers from fraying
transitive verb
1 [+cloth, garment, cuff] deshilachar; raer; [+rope] desgastar
2 [+nerves] crispar
the constant tapping was beginning to fray my nerves el constante repiqueteo me estaba empezando a crispar los nervios
The clatter of saucepans hitting the tiled floor would have kept baby amused for hours. It took two minutes to fray our nerves
Verb Conjugations for deshilachar
Gerund: deshilachando
Participle: deshilachado
yome deshilachome deshilachéme deshilachabame deshilacharíame deshilacharé
te deshilachaste deshilachastete deshilachabaste deshilacharíaste deshilacharás
él/ella/ deshilachase deshilachóse deshilachabase deshilacharíase deshilachará
nosotrosnos deshilachamosnos deshilachamosnos deshilachábamosnos deshilacharíamosnos deshilacharemos
vosotrosos deshilacháisos deshilachasteisos deshilachabaisos deshilacharíaisos deshilacharéis
ellos/ellas/ deshilachanse deshilacharonse deshilachabanse deshilacharíanse deshilacharán
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