1. (lucky) 
I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such good friends.Me siento afortunado de estar rodeado de amigos tan buenos.
We're so fortunate to have such good food and such good company.Somos muy afortunados de tener tanta comida y compañía buena.
b. feliz (coincidence) 
It was a fortunate coincidence that we were both in New York at the same time.Fue una feliz coincidencia que estuviéramos los dos en Nueva York al mismo tiempo.
1. (general) 
a. afortunado(a) 
to be fortunate enough to do somethingtener la suerte de hacer algo
fortunate [ˈfɔːtʃənɪt]
[+person, occurrence] afortunado; [+coincidence] feliz
those less fortunate than ourselves los menos afortunados
what a fortunate coincidence! the ancient Chinese considered this a fortunate sign This was a fortunate mistake because it led to his being taken into the monastery to [be] fortunate she was very fortunate to find them at home
he is fortunate in having no dependents to worry about tiene suerte de no tener personas a su cargo por las que preocuparse; I was fortunate enough to escape yo tuve la suerte de poder escaparme; that was fortunate for you en eso tuviste suerte; how fortunate! ¡qué suerte!; it was fortunate that no one was injured fue una suerte que nadie resultara herido
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less fortunate
menos afortunado
less fortunate people
los menos afortunados
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