masculine noun
1. court (of law) (tribunal)
2. back of the stage (Teatro)
3. forum (lugar de discusión)
  • foro de debate -> forum for debate
  • foro de discusión (computing) -> discussion group

foro [fo’-ro]
1. Court of justice, the hall where tribunals hold their sittings. (m)
2. Bar, the legal profession. (m)
3. Lordship, the right of a superior lord, or whom lands or tenements are held. (m)
4. Background of the stage or theatre. (m)
5. Forum (reunión), meeting. (m)

1 (Política) (Hist) (Internet) forum; (reunión) forum; (open) meeting
2 (Jur) (tribunal) court of justice; (abogados) bar; legal profession
el Foro (España) Madrid
3 (Teat) upstage area
desaparecer o marcharse por el foro to exit stage left; to do a disappearing act

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