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(pl formulas or formulas [ˈfɔːmjʊliː])
1. fórmula (f) (in general)
  • the formula for successla clave del éxito
  • a peace/pay formulauna fórmula para la paz/de pago
  • formula One(Sport) Fórmula (f) uno
2. leche (f) maternizada (baby milk) (Estados Unidos)
formula [ˈfɔːmjʊlə]
formulas formulae [ˈfɔːmjʊliː]
1 (gen) (Mat) (Chem) etc fórmula (f)
winning formula fórmula (f) del éxito
Like the queen of breathless prose, he has resisted pressure to alter his winning formula since he published the slender, 36-page Be Your Own Gardening Expert Manufacturers are obviously keen to hit on a winning formula, as the vast array of models in the shops proves Socialism does not after all offer a magic formula for prosperity and human dignity
peace formula fórmula (f) de paz
It is difficult to imagine #how the North and South could ever agree on a formula to unify the divided peninsula
2 (baby milk) leche (f) en polvo (para bebés); leche (f) maternizada
3 (Motor Racing) fórmula (f)
Formula One Fórmula (f) uno; a formula-one car un coche de Fórmula uno


feminine noun
1. formula
  • fórmula unoformula one
  • fórmula de cortesíapolite expression
  • fórmula de tratamientoform of address
1 (Química) (Matemáticas) formula
fórmula magistral magistral formula
fórmula molecular molecular formula
2 (Med)
fórmula dentaria dental profile
fórmula leucocitaria leucocyte count
3 (método) formula
una fórmula para conseguir el éxito a formula to ensure success
fórmula mágica magic formula
4 (expresión)
fórmula de cortesía polite set expression
5 (formalidad)
por pura fórmula purely as a matter of form
6 (Automóviles)
coches de Fórmula 1 Formula 1 cars
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