1. (strength) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
It's better to use intelligence than force to win a fight.Es mejor usar la inteligencia que la fuerza para ganar una pelea.
2. (violence) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
They'll have to remove me by force!¡Solo me sacarán de aquí por la fuerza!
3. (meteorology) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
Hurricane force winds are forecast for tonight's storm.Se pronosticaron vientos con fuerza de huracán para la tormenta de esta noche.
4. (influence) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
Despite what the articles say, he's still a political force.A pesar de lo que dicen los artículos, sigue siendo una fuerza política.
5. (influential person or entity) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
Young people are obviously a force to be reckoned with.Sin lugar a dudas, los jóvenes son una fuerza a tener en cuenta.
6. (military) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
He left everything to join the armed forces.Lo dejó todo para unirse a las fuerzas armadas.
7. (validity) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
That law has no force in this country.Esa ley no tiene fuerza en este país.
b. vigor 
The new regulations came into force last week.El nuevo reglamento entró en vigor la semana pasada.
8. (physics) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
Pressure is equal to force divided by area.La presión es igual a la fuerza dividida por la superficie.
transitive verb
9. (to compel) 
a. forzar 
Don't force the kid to eat what he doesn't like.No fuerces al niño a comer lo que no le gusta.
10. (to impose) 
a. imponer 
You can't force your beliefs on others.No puedes imponer tus creencias a los demás.
11. (to break open) 
a. forzar 
The police had to force the door open.La policía tuvo que forzar la puerta.
12. (to push) 
a. forzar 
Don't force the handle. You're going to break it.No fuerces el pomo. Lo vas a romper.
13. (to obtain by force) 
a. arrancar (confession or secret) 
They forced a confession out of him.Le arrancaron una confesión.
14. (to produce with effort) 
a. forzar 
She forced a loud yawn.Forzó un sonoro bostezo.
15. (horticulture) 
We forced the plants for the exhibit.Aceleramos el crecimiento de las plantas para la exposición.
1. (strength, violence) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
to use forceemplear la fuerza
by sheer or brute forcepor la fuerza
2. (power, influence) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
the forces of Naturelas fuerzas de la naturaleza
a force for gooduna fuerza del bien
force of circumstance(s)causas de fuerza mayor
the force of gravityla fuerza de la gravedad
force of habitla fuerza de la costumbre
various forces conspired to bring about his downfalldiversas causas contribuyeron a su caída
3. (military) 
a. la fuerza (F) 
the (armed) forceslas fuerzas armadas
the police forcela policía, el cuerpo de policía
to join forces (to do something)unir fuerzas (para hacer algo)
they turned out in (full) forcese presentaron en gran número
4. (of law) 
a. no direct translation 
to come into forceentrar en vigor
transitive verb
5. (compel) 
a. no direct translation 
to force somebody to do something or into doing somethingforzar a alguien a hacer algo
they forced the enemy backobligaron a retroceder al enemigo
to force something on somebodyimponer algo a alguien
6. (use force on; door, lock) 
a. forzar 
to force the issueacelerar las cosas
to force somebody's handforzar a alguien a tomar una decisión
to force a car off the roadobligar a un coche a salirse de la carretera
to force one's way through a crowdabrirse paso a través de una multitud
to force oneself on somebodyintentar forzar a alguien
force [fɔːs]
1 (strength) fuerza (f)
the building took the full force of the blast el edificio recibió toda la fuerza or todo el impacto de la explosión
the force of the explosion shattered the windows
to do sth by force hacer algo por la fuerza
the guerrillas' efforts to sieze power by force if he won't go of his own accord we shall have to take him by force
they removed him from the bar by force lo sacaron del bar a la fuerza or por la fuerza; by force of arms por la fuerza de las armas
their territorial claims cannot be solved by force of arms he said it may be necessary to resist their oppressors by force of arms
by force of circumstance(s) debido a las circunstancias
this keeps the family together when, by force of circumstance, the parents are unable to provide for their children by force of circumstance, he took over control of the company
by sheer force (physical) solo a base de fuerza
Vivien held herself to her seat by sheer force
by (sheer) force of numbers por pura superioridad numérica
we managed to overpower them by sheer force of numbers they made their opinions felt by sheer force of numbers his argument lacked force I can see the force of that he changed our world through the force of his ideas
she tried to convert people by force of argument intentaba convencer a la gente a fuerza de or a base de argumentos; by or through sheer force of personality a fuerza de or a base de puro carácter
she has reached the top through sheer force of personality and endless self-belief Through sheer force of personality Hugh Trenchard had got his way without the conductor's force of personality the orchestra would still be giving mediochre performances
from force of habit por la fuerza de la costumbre
Unconsciously, by force of habit, she plugged the coffee pot in I think he gave his alarm cry from force of habit, for he did not seem at all upset by our presence And the pilot kept on trying to fly in those conditions? - why? It was just force of habit or reflex
the force of gravity la fuerza de la gravedad
the police were out in force la policía había salido en masa; había un enorme despliegue policial
voters turned out in force for the first free elections in 20 years the village turned out in force to give him a last farewell to turn out in force early Christmas shoppers have been out in force Diana knew that the Press cameras would be out in force in Halifax if Charles turned up with the boys we intend to apply the full force of the [law] in this case
to resort to force recurrir a la fuerza
I hope we can solve this problem without resorting to force they warned that if John did not agree to their terms, they'd resort to force
to use force hacer uso de la fuerza
the government decided against using force to break up the demonstrations
2 (Metal)
a force five wind un viento de fuerza cinco
3 (influence) fuerza (f)
the social and economic forces that influence our decisions las fuerzas sociales y económicas que influyen en nuestras decisiones; he is a powerful force in the trade union movement es una persona con mucho peso dentro del movimiento sindicalista
there are several forces at work here the Church considered him a force for evil the band are still as innovative a force in British music as they were when they started
the forces of evil las fuerzas del mal
the forces of nature las fuerzas de la naturaleza
man's attempts to tame the forces of nature a force to be [reckoned with]
Janet is obviously a force to be reckoned with Janet es sin lugar a dudas una persona a (la que hay que) tener en cuenta
England will be a force to reckon with in the World Cup the Communist Party was still very much a force to be reckoned with the Union has always been a major force to be reckoned with
4 (legitimacy) fuerza (f)
the guidelines do not have the force of law las directrices no tienen fuerza de ley
to be in force [+law, tax] estar vigente or en vigor
a curfew is in force se ha impuesto un toque de queda
although /the new tax is already in force/ you have until November to lodge an appeal rationing was in force - there was a war on the ban will be in force for two days strict security measures are in force martial law is in force in the capital
to come into force entrar en vigor; hacerse vigente
the law will come into force on 1 January 1988 since the Act came into force there have been 25 prosecutions the new round of mortgage rate cuts which come into force next month The treaty comes into force on January 1, 1993
5 (body of people) (Mil) fuerza (f)
a strong force of police representatives of the three forces
allied forces fuerzas (f) aliadas; ejércitos (m) aliados
sales force (Comm) personal (m) de ventas
the company has dramatically increased the number of women in its sales force Four other salesmen, from a total sales force of about 50,were sacked for incompetence
the force (police force) la policía; el cuerpo (de policía)
the forces (Britain) (Mil) las fuerzas armadas
transitive verb
1 (compel) [+person] obligar; forzar
she was forced to the conclusion that ... se vio obligada or forzada a concluir que ...
I cannot force you in this - you must decide
to force sb to do sth obligar or forzar a algn a hacer algo; I am forced to admit that ... me veo obligado or forzado a admitir que ...; I had to force myself to pick it up tuve que obligarme or forzarme a recogerlo del suelo
he was forced to conclude that ... a back injury forced her to withdraw from the championship he abducted a taxi and forced the taxi-driver to drive him to Downing Street to force o.s. [to] do sth
I had to force myself to stay calm tuve que obligarme or forzarme a permanecer sereno
I forced myself not to think of him she stood there looking at the phone, forcing herself to let it ring four times
to force sb into doing sth obligar or forzar a algn a hacer algo
they forced me into signing the agreement me obligaron or forzaron a firmar el acuerdo; to force sb into a corner arrinconar a algn
to force sb's hand (intentionally) apretar las tuercas or las clavijas a algn; (by circumstances) no dejar a algn más remedio que actuar
if you refuse to cooperate, you'll force our hand The leak to the press had forced his hand. He had to go forward with the offer now In an attempt to force my hand and push me into a marital separation she said: The Government is very reluctant to make such a move because of the outcry which would follow. But the exchange markets may force its hand, keeping up pressure on the pound
2 (impose)
to force sth on sb imponer algo a algn
he forced his views on them les impuso su punto de vista; the decision was forced on him la decisión le fue or le vino impuesta
to force this agreement on the nation is wrong
to force o.s. on sb: I don't want to force myself on you, but ... no quisiera importunarte (con mi presencia), pero ...; he forced himself on one of the girls (sexually) forzó a una de las chicas
3 (push, squeeze)
he forced the clothes into the suitcase metió la ropa en la maleta a la fuerza; embutió la ropa en la maleta
they forced their way into the flat se metieron en el piso a or por la fuerza
when the doorman refused them entry they tried to force their way into the club
the lorry forced the car off the road el camión obligó or forzó al coche a salirse de la carretera; el camión hizo que el coche se saliera de la carretera
he was forced out of office lo obligaron or forzaron a dimitir del cargo
she forced her way through the crowd se abrió paso entre la muchedumbre a or por la fuerza
miners armed with clubs forced their way through the police cordon
to force a bill through Parliament hacer que se apruebe un proyecto de ley en el Parlamento
he forced himself through the gap in the hedge small farmers will be forced out of the market they were grabbed by three men who appeared to force them into a car they were forcing her head under the water, drowning her
4 (break open) [+lock, door] forzar
they had gained entrance to the room by forcing the lock police forced the door of the flat and arrested him to force an [entry] there was no sign of forced [entry]
to force sth open [+drawer, door, window] forzar algo
he tried to force the window open, but it was jammed shut
5 (exert, strain) [+voice] forzar
don't force your voice so much when you sing - relax
to force the pace forzar el ritmo or la marcha; forzar la marcha de los acontecimientos
World 10,000m champion mccolgan forced the pace from the start I went on then, climbing the back of the steeply sloping spur, forcing the pace, fear driving me and giving me strength He did not think it wise yet to force the pace on that matter The prospect of an outburst of popular frustration once again forced the pace of unification
don't force the situation no fuerces la situación
if Mr. Khasbulatov and his company, they win this situation, they will stop the disarmament and they will start to force the situation with a Third World War again
6 (produce with effort) [+answer] forzar
to force a smile forzar una sonrisa; sonreír de manera forzada
7 (Hort) (Agr) [+vegetable, fruit] acelerar el crecimiento de
the strawberries are forced so they can reach British markets in April and May
8 (obtain by force) conseguir a or por la fuerza
to force a confession from or out of sb obtener una confesión de algn a or por la fuerza
we forced the secret out of him le sacamos el secreto a or por la fuerza
to force a vote on sth forzar una votación sobre algo
The Criminal Justice Bill will be used by Tory backbenchers to force another vote on the reintroduction of the death penalty Dissident union members forced a vote on a cooperative contract the campaign by MCC rebels to force a vote of no confidence in the selectors they hoped to embarrass the United States by forcing a vote on a sanctions resolution
force majeure (n) fuerza (f) mayor
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