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1. (things to eat in general)
a. la comida (F)
What's your favorite food? Mine is pizza.¿Cuál es tu comida favorita? La mía es la pizza.
2. (specific food item)
a. el alimento (M)
Spinach is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.La espinaca es unos de los alimentos más saludables para comer.
1. comida (f)
  • food and drink comida y bebida
  • to be off one's food andar desganado(a)
  • to give somebody food for thought servir a alguien como materia de reflexión
  • food chain (biología) cadena (f) alimentaria
  • food court = plaza o zona de un centro comercial dedicada al consumo de comida rápida
  • food industry industria (f) alimentaria
  • food poisoning intoxicación (f) alimentaria
  • food processor robot (m) de cocina
food [fuːd]
(things to eat) comida (f); (food item) alimento (m); (for plants) abono (m)
I've no food left in the house no me queda comida en casa; we need to buy some food hay que comprar cosas de comer; she gave him food le dio de comer; the food at the hotel was terrible la comida en el hotel era fatal; the food is good here aquí se come bien; he likes plain food le gustan las comidas sencillas; the cost of food el coste de la alimentación; to send food and clothing enviar alimentos y ropa; to be off one's food estar desganado
to give food for thought ser motivo de reflexión
food additive (n) aditivo (m) alimenticio
food aid (n) ayuda (f) alimenticia
Eastern Europe is going to receive over 2 million tons of food aid this year In Ethiopia, fifty trucks carrying emergency food aid to the northern province of Tigray have now reached the provincial capital
food chain (n) cadena (f) alimenticia
food crop (n) cosecha (f) de alimentos
food mixer (n) batidora (f)
food parcel (n) paquete (m) de alimentos
food poisoning (n) intoxicación (f) alimenticia
food prices (n) precios (m) de los alimentos
food processing (n) preparación (f) de alimentos
food processor (n) robot (m) de cocina
food product (n) producto (m) alimenticio; comestible (m)
The new regulations will require that labels show the nutritional contents of virtually every packaged food product sold ...the possibility that BSE might spread to humans via food products made from infected cattle
food rationing (n) racionamiento (m) de víveres
food science (n) ciencia (f) de la alimentación
food shop (n) tienda (f) de comestibles
food stamp (n) (US) cupón para canjear por comida que reciben las personas de pocos recursos
food store (n)
food shop See culture box in entry food.
food subsidy (n) subvención (f) alimenticia
food supplies (n) víveres (m)
food supply (n) suministro (m) de alimentos
food technology (n) tecnología (f) de la alimentación
food value (n) valor (m) nutritivo
note See culture box in entry FDA.
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