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1. niebla (f)
  • to be in a fog (sentido figurado) estar hecho(a) un lío (confused)
  • fog lamp or light (automóbiles) faro (m) antiniebla
fog [fɒɡ]
1 (Metal) niebla (f)
2 confusión (f)
to be in a fog estar confundido or desconcertado
he was walking around in a fog
transitive verb
1 (Fot) velar
2 (confuse) [+matter] enredar; complicar; [+person] confundir; ofuscar
to fog the issue complicar el asunto
3 (also fog up) [+spectacles, window] empañar
intransitive verb
(also fog up) empañarse
fog bank (n) banco (m) de niebla
fog lamp fog light (n) (Aut) faro (m) antiniebla
fog signal (n) aviso (m) de niebla
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