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sustantivo (pl focuses or foci [ˈfəʊkaɪ])
1. foco (m) (of lens, discontent, interest)
  • in focus enfocado(a)
  • out of focus desenfocado(a)
  • focus group (comercio & política) grupo (m) de discusión
verbo transitivo (pt & pp focussed or focused)
2. enfocar (rays of light) ; concentrar (one's interest, energy) (on en)
  • all eyes were focused on him todas las miradas estaban centradas en él
intransitive verb
3. enfocar la vista (with eyes) (on en)
  • to focus on something (sentido figurado) centrarse en algo (debate, speaker)
focus [ˈfəʊkəs]
focuses foci [ˈfəʊsaɪ] (gen) foco (m); [of attention] centro (m); foco (m)
the new system is the focus of controversy her children are the main focus of her life
he was the focus of attention era el centro or foco de atención; to be in focus (Fot) estar enfocado; to be out of focus (Fot) estar desenfocado
transitive verb
[+camera, instrument] enfocar;on a; [+attention] centrar; concentrar;on en
to focus one's eyes on sth/sb fijar la mirada en algo/algn; all eyes were focussed on her todos la miraban fijamente
intransitive verb
to focus (on) [+light] converger (en); [+heat rays] concentrarse (en); [+eyes] fijarse (en); to focus on sth (Fot) enfocar algo
Verb Conjugations for centrar
Gerund: centrando
Participle: centrado
yome centrome centréme centrabame centraríame centraré
te centraste centrastete centrabaste centraríaste centrarás
él/ella/ centrase centróse centrabase centraríase centrará
nosotrosnos centramosnos centramosnos centrábamosnos centraríamosnos centraremos
vosotrosos centráisos centrasteisos centrabaisos centraríaisos centraréis
ellos/ellas/ centranse centraronse centrabanse centraríanse centrarán
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