Fluency in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. fluidez (f)
  • fluency in French required se requiere dominio del francés (in job advert)
fluency [ˈfluːənsɪ]
1 (in foreign language) fluidez (f); soltura (f)
she speaks French with great fluency habla francés con mucha fluidez or soltura; domina bien el francés; you need fluency in at least one foreign language necesita dominar al menos una lengua; I was impressed by his fluency in English me impresionó su dominio del inglés
I didn't think much of his fluency in English
2 (in speaking, reading, writing) fluidez (f); soltura (f)
for a child of her age she speaks with great fluency he spoke with great fluency on the issue of capital punishment
3 [of movement] soltura (f)
there is a fluency in her dancing he moves with great fluency
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