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1. flor (f)
  • in the first flower of youth (sentido figurado) en la flor de la juventud
  • flower arranging arte (m) or decoración (f) floral
  • flower garden jardín (m) floral
  • flower girl = dama de honor de corta edad que lleva un ramo de flores en una boda
  • flower power movimiento (m) pacifista hippie
  • flower show exposición (f) de flores
intransitive verb
2. florecer (plant)
flower [ˈflaʊəʳ]
1 (Bot) flor (f)
in flower en flor
2 (best)
the flower of the army la flor y nata del ejército; she was in the flower of her youth estaba en la flor de la vida
intransitive verb
flower arrangement (n) (exhibit) (on table) arreglo (m) floral; (in park) adorno (m) floral; (art)
flower arranging See culture box in entry flower.
flower arranging (n) arte (m) floral
She had been interested in flower arranging since leaving school ...a course in flower arranging
flower child (n) (hippy) hippy (m); hippie (m)
flower garden (n) jardín (m) (de flores)
flower head (n) cabezuela (f)
flower people (n) hippies (m)
flower power (n) filosofía (f) hippy
flower seller (n) florista (m); vendedoravendedora (m) (f) de flores;a vendedora
flower shop (n) floristería (f); tienda (f) de flores
flower show (n) exposición (f) de flores
flower stall (n) puesto (m) de flores
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