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1. inundación (f)
  • the flood el diluvio (universal) (in the Bible)
  • floods of tears un mar de lágrimas
transitive verb
2. inundar (land, bathroom, market)
  • to be flooded with complaints/telephone calls recibir un aluvión de quejas/llamadas or llamados telefónicos (Am)
intransitive verb
3. desbordarse (river)
  • the sun's rays came flooding through the window el sol entraba a raudales por la ventana
  • the spectators flooded out of the stadium los espectadores salían en masa del estadio
  • money flooded out of the country el dinero salió a raudales del país
flood [flʌd]
[of water] inundación (f); (in river) avenida (f); [of words, tears] torrente (m); (flood tide) pleamar (f)
the Flood (Rel) el Diluvio; the river is in flood el río está crecido; a flood of letters una avalancha de cartas; she was in floods of tears lloraba a lágrima viva
transitive verb
(Aut) (gen) inundar
to flood the market with sth inundar or saturar el mercado de algo; we have been flooded with applications nos han llovido las solicitudes; nos han inundado de solicitudes; the room was flooded with light el cuarto se inundó de luz
intransitive verb
[+river] desbordarse
the people flooded into the streets la gente inundó la calle
flood control (n) medidas (f) para controlar las inundaciones
flood tide (n) pleamar (f); marea (f) creciente
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