feminine noun
1. arrow
  • como una flecha (figurative) -> like a shot

flecha [flay'-chah]
1. Arrow, dart. (f)
2. A sign which serves to indicate the north, or the current of rivers, upon a map. (f)
3. (Fort.) A work of two faces and two sides. (f)
4. Front piece of the cutwater. (Nautical) (f)
5. The principal piece of those which compose the beakhead of a galley. (f)
6. Variety of hydroxide of iron called "lov's dart. (Minerology) (n)
  • Flecha de dirección -> Trafficator
  • Como una flecha -> like an arrow
" 7. Sagitta, a northern constellation.

1 (arma) arrow; (en juego) dart; (Archit) spire; [de billar] cue rest
como una flecha like an arrow; like a shot; con alas en flecha swept-wing; with swept-back wings; subida en flecha sharp rise; subir en flecha to rise sharply
flecha de dirección (Automóviles) indicator
flecha de mar squid
2 (And) sling; (México) (Automóviles) axle
3 (S. Cone) (coqueta) flirt
(Hist) member of the Falangist youth movement

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