1. (general) 
a. la adulación (F) 
Whenever Elizabeth feels threatened, she resorts to flattery to win her opponents over.Cuando Elizabeth se siente amenazada, recurre a la adulación para ganarse a sus rivales.
b. las lisonjas (F) 
Flattery may have helped you get your last job, but that won't work here.Puede que las lisonjas te haya ayudado a conseguir tu último puesto, pero eso no funcionará aquí.
c. los halagos (M) 
Ana can't tell the difference between insincere flattery and sincere praise anymore.Ana ya no puede diferenciar los halagos insinceros de las alabanzas sinceras.
1. (general) 
a. el halagos (M) 
flattery [ˈflætərɪ]
halagos (m); lisonjas (f)
it wasn't just flattery, I meant what I said no eran simplemente halagos or lisonjas, lo decía en serio; flattery will get you nowhere! ¡con halagos or lisonjas no vas a conseguir nada!; flattery will get you everywhere! ¡con halagos or lisonjas se consigue todo!
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery John found himself surrounded by the insincere flattery of a host of ingratiating hangers-on maybe it was all just flattery and they would laugh at me behind my back One's vanity is always open to flattery She was touched, knowing that the flattery was largely intended to soothe her nerves
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