1. (general) 
a. la llama (F) 
2. (computers) 
a. la llamarada (F) 
to go up in flamesser pasto de las llamas
to burst into flamesincendiarse
3. (colloquial) 
he's an old flame of minees un antiguo amor
intransitive verb
4. (fire) 
a. llamear 
5. (computers) 
a. lanzar llamaradas 
transitive verb
6. (computers) 
a. lanzar llamaradas a 
flame [fleɪm]
1 llama (f)
to be in flames arder or estar en llamas; to burst into flames [+car, plane] estallar en llamas; to commit sth to the flames echar algo al fuego; to fan the flames avivar el fuego; he watched the house go up in flames miraba cómo la casa era pasto de las llamas
2 (lover)
old flame antiguo amor (m)
she's one of his old flames
intransitive verb
1 (also flame up) [+fire] llamear; [+passion] encenderse; [+person] acalorarse
2 [+eyes] brillar; [+sky] llamear; enrojecerse
The whole western sky flamed as the sun went down
her cheeks flamed with embarrassment se puso colorada de vergüenza
transitive verb
(Internet) insultar a través de la Red; abuchear en la Red
In cyberspace, as Internet users are discovering, such self-aggrandising politicians are impotent - they are simply flamed, ignored, or laughed out of existence One contributor, who had valiantly sent transcripts from Voice of America radio news bulletins to the group, was roundly `flamed" (Netspeak for slagged off) for propagating worthless liberal propaganda
flame retardant (n)
fire retardant See culture box in entry fire.
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